Ramadhan al Kareem (Editorial)

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Dear Readers!
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,


Once again the carriage of life is set to enter Ramadhan al Kareem. Once again Allah, the Bountiful is ready to shower us, no - cascade unto us - His Love and Rahmah throughout an entire month. If we somehow manage to escape this deluge of forgiveness and bounty … well, we would be the biggest losers of this world and beyond, and we can’t even blame shaytan here.

So, why is Allah taala giving us this month of redemption, this chance to be free of at least half of the negative influence by imprisoning shaytan (we still have our nafs to contend with)? Well, the simple answer is that Allah loves us. He does not want us to go in the Fire. He wishes us to enter Jannah. So He is always giving us chances, loopholes, egresses … come on, take this way out, out of Wrong and into Right. He is encouraging us, giving us a helping hand, making the path easier for us by holding our hand. For yes, the straight path is difficult to tread, no doubt about it. There are beckoning byways, crossroads and lanes that distract and sidetrack us. We need great big signs and reminders to keep us going straight on the Highway where we are supposed to be travelling. And Ramadhan is the biggest of all signs. Eyes on the road, keep straight ahead, greenest pastures at the end of this road; come on … I’m here to help you … steady now!