Ramadan Kareem (Editorial)

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Dear Readers!


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

You will read many things in these pages and Allah willing you will also follow or at least try to follow as much goodness as you can. But beware of the types of nafs and Shaytan. Yes, I know the later are bound in Ramadhan but you will still have your nafs to contend with. You will have heard some people brag that they did not leave one fast, or they were able to read four whole Qur’ans in the month, they spent such and such amount in charity etc. etc. Hey, Slow down! Did you ever stop to think who gave you the strength to keep the fast? Who gave you the eyes and opportunity to read the Qur’an? Who gave you the extra money and stimulus to spend on the poor? The strength, the sight, the cash and stimulus were not of your doing surely?
I read a beautiful example of this in a book recently, our example is like the child whose father holds his hand and makes him write a straight line. Then the father pats his child’s back and exclaims, ‘oh what beautiful work you’ve done!’ takes out his wallet and gives him a reward. Now if the child is dim he will certainly swell with pride and think it all his doing but if he is intelligent, he will know who was holding his hand.
I’m certain you are all intelligent people out there and will always keep in mind who’s holding your hand.