The Unsung Heroes

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Written By Hamza Ali Ibn Gulab   Class : 11th , Govt Islamia Science College Sukkur

Have you ever wondered how Allah has created us? He gives us each and everything required for luxurious and comfortable lives. For our guide us He has blessed us with our parents and such parents who are always trying their best to provide us with whatever we want!
We study in good schools, colleges and universities. We wear neat and clean clothes and maintain ourselves perfectly. Have you ever thought about those homeless children who wander here and there? Who don't have anyone to care for them except Allah? Have you ever asked them why don’t they go to school? Have you ever asked the chotoos who work in roadside cafes, garages, repair workshops, showrooms and tailor shops why they don't go to school?
No, never!
According to my observation other than just a few people no one has ever done this. We ignore them but what will happen when these chotoos will not be there?
Who will serve tea in the cafes? Who will repair and wash your bikes and cars and who will stitch new clothes for you?
They are heroes, they are the ‘unsung heroes’ if we but realize it. They spend their childhood, the age of joy and happiness, to fulfill our wishes and needs. They sacrifice their precious lives to keep on working and earning for their families.
You may not know but these chotoos are actually the elders and organizers of their homes. They earn through these professions and make their younger brothers and sisters’ lives easier as compared to their own. They are unable to join schools as they have to earn money to run their homes and to enable their brothers and sisters to get admission in schools and study there.
They are really the Unsung Heroes as they sacrifice their lives and wishes for others. May Allah help all poor people!