Young People Have Too Much Freedom

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Written by: Zunairah Malik

People often say, "Young people have too much freedom today," and I totally agree with them. Our youth is too much influenced by media which has now taken over their lives completely. Although media and the advanced gadgets like smart phone and tablets have a lot of positive aspects but 85% of the teenagers, including the lower class, don't understand the good usage of technology and easy access to the gadgets has eventually paralyzed their lives.
Teenagers are so much engrossed in the social world around them that they tend to neglect their parents and ignore what they want from them. It is also seen that parents, at times, are least bothered about their children's life and are also not concerned about what kind of company they keep. They often trust their children a bit too much and let them do whatever they like. Many times, guardians are kept in the dark due to this kind of trust and this marks a habit for the youngsters. They disobey their parents and their elders as they think no one has the right to stop them and now they own the world. The new generation doesn't know that they are ruining their future life as our deen gives high regards to parents and elders.
Not only guardians but schools are responsible too for the new generation's excessive confidence. School and institutes provide a platform to make an average student bold. School claim to build confidence in students but students grasp this in their own way. Girls, who were once quoted as examples of compromise are now beauty conscious. These pretty ladies think not buying Bareeze clothes, Tresemme products or Jimmy Choo's shoes would decrease their beauty and would take them into Stone Age but they do not know that basic house chores is the only thing which will help them survive.
I think parents are more responsible for the freedom they are giving to their children. Our youth is our future and technology has brainwashed our future, giving them freedom as much as they want.