Faulty Relations?

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By: Heartbroken Soul

What is the worst thing in a relationship? Have you ever thought about it?
'When you can't give anymore you aren't cared for anymore either...'
To make it more understandable, few everyday examples would suffice.
When parents are unable to give their energies anymore, their children cast them in old homes. When sports' stars aren't able to perform well any longer, they are discarded. When actors (not saying that acting is a halal job, still actors are human, aren't they?) are no more good looking, they are forgotten even if they are dying and can't afford to pay for their treatment. When a woman loses her youth and beauty with increasing age, the West shuns her as she's no more useful.
Am I wrong? Have I made up these scenes? I fully endorse and you will as well, that these scenes aren't a figment of my imagination. They are as real as you and me. The sad truth of this life we live and the society we live in.
However, an ideal society doesn't banish nor does it fail to remember those who gave their best in their best days. And what and who could it be, save Islam which tells us how to behave as an ideal citizen and follower? Through the natural and beautiful bond of marriage, families are built. Parents' hearts are filled with love for their offspring which compels them to sacrifice even their own selves. In return, children are ordered to love and care for them throughout their lives especially in their weak and helpless old age. Grandchildren, on their arrival, fill the entire house once again with blissful noise and are a joy for the grandparents in their otherwise, lonely days. The government of an Islamic state, takes financial and social responsibility of the invalid and the needy, the widows and the orphan.
It's easier said than done. And you may ask, where do we see all that today? Nowhere. But remember we should not judge Islam by its followers because that would be the greatest injustice ever done to this flawless religion. We don't find all this anywhere don't practice all the teachings doesn't mean that Islam hasn't taught us or doesn’t have a solution to that particular situation. It has. It always will. Start with your own self. Your own home. Replace the imperfect trends with the perfect religion.