Love and Hatred

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By: Farwa Umar

 "No one will be home today. I need you to cheer me up."
"Can I copy your notes? I couldn't get the time."
"I have your calculator. I need it for the rest of this week, so sit back and relax."
"Can you drop me home today, my dear bestie?"
The sentences continued echoing in her ears.  She had always happily answered ‘Yes’ to all of them. But now she felt strangely ill. She realized how mean her so called best friend was. She had never refused whatever favour Areej had asked her. She had given a helping hand to her at every needy moment. How much she had done for Areej and in return she had ditched her!
“How easy it was for her to leave me when she found new friends.” Manahil burst into tears.
The music is on,
I never care what's happening around!
The beautiful lyrics,
In deep love, I've been found.........
The song continued, helped her to cope with the sadness. She felt better. It seemed as if the song was especially for her. Although she was absolutely shattered by what had happened but ultimately she felt got relief. 
Songs and music were the causes of her relief. Nothing else could make her feel better. Hence, her sadness faded away.
Music was her life. She adored listening to songs. Whenever, she got upset, she would put on her earphones. It was something that gave her peace. Even during her studies, she would listen to her favorite songs. In her view, she could solve Math perfectly with the earphones blaring away. It was a nice way to distract her mind from what worried her. It worked really well when she got hurt. It eased her mood and helped her to bounce back from her disappointments. It's like, when you love something you don't want to leave it. But what if it is dangerous? 
Manahil was also told about the dangerous effects of the 'lovely songs'… the torment and punishment of listening to songs. Also, she got to know about the bad effect of the overuse of headphones. 
Although it isn't easy to leave off something you're immensely fond of but when you're told about the danger ahead, you should try to change the route immediately. Manahil decided to do that. Slowly and gradually, her hard work bore fruit but sometimes Satan defeated her. She had one way still left...
   She started doing something that really worked. She started to search the bad effects of her love for songs. On the net she looked for the Ahadith in which the torments were coherently told, and out of nowhere a sudden hatred filled her heart. Eventually a time came when her great love turned into hatred.
This was a big success... wasn't it?
Dear readers, here's a rule for giving up our sins. Just start loving your good deeds so that you cannot leave them. Likewise if you hate your bad deeds, it'll become easy to leave them. There will be an effect then, the good one hopefully.
Follow the "love and hatred" rule. Try it out and when it works, do not forget to tell others too.