Allah will Never Leave You

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Written by: Memoona Ahmad

Sometimes, a small gesture can hurt you. A movement of the eyebrows, or a face turning away with hatred is enough to shatter your heart into pieces. You start struggling with yourself. You try to ward off the sad agonizing thoughts making room in your sensitive mind. You struggle to stop the tears that are about to course down your cheeks. You try hard to shrug off all the fears that make you stay awake all night. 
You start finding peace and seeking love. You start looking for a shoulder to cry on and a hand to wipe your tears. Searching for kind words and sympathies, you end up getting nothing except disappointments and hopelessness. But then, you hear the words, "Allahu Akber” (Allah is great). A silence starts prevailing in your heart and in your mind just like silence after a storm in the ocean. Your heart that was throbbing like a hammer striking a rock, begins to slow down. Your mind that was trapped in the intricate web of anxiety and horror, now feels an wave of peace. It feels as if our soul was chained in the cage of agony and is now free to enjoy deep bliss. 
We, in our lives, come at a point where we feel like dying but Allah is watching us. He sees our pain and knows the depression we are going through. So, He gives us consolation in one way or another. Sometimes He helps us through our parents and sometimes through pious friends. At times, the miraculous ayahs of the Quran consoles us and at times the beautiful words of our Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم give us the light of hope. 
In a nutshell, Allah never leaves us alone. He is always there to help us. Our single tear of fear, heart pounding wih dread, body shivering in horror, a silent whisper of dua, are enough to gain Allah's mercy and help. So we should never let ourselves wander in the deserts of hopelessness and should always expect Our Creator to shower rain of hope and blessings upon us.