Hajj (Al Hadith)

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"Rasulullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم once said: "Near the time of Qiyamah the rich ones from amongst my Ummah will perform Hajj for the sake of travel and holidays, (like having a holiday in Hejaz instead of one in London or Paris). The middle class will perform Hajj for commercial purposes, thereby transporting goods from here to there while bringing commercial goods from there to here. The ulama will perform Hajj for the sake of show and fame, (to outdo and surpass Maulana so and so, or a rival Sheikh who had performed five Hajj). The poor will perform Hajj for the purposes of begging." (Kanzul Aamaal)"

Hajj should be for Allah's love. His love should prompt this holy deed. It should neither be for the show of things, nor for personal fame. Many people proceed to Makkah for the sake of personal honour and show. Such people have indeed wasted whatever they have spent by way of wealth, health and energy. For them there shall be no reward. We admit that when a person has performed his Hajj even for the sake of showing others, his obligation has been carried out. But how foolish indeed is the person who denies himself the great virtue and reward (in the form of Allah's great pardon) merely because of his desire to gain respect in the eyes of people.