Reality (Al Quran)

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"The Sure Reality! What is the Sure Reality? And what will make thee realize what the Sure Reality is? The Thamud and the `Ad people (branded) as false the Stunning Calamity! But the Thamud they were destroyed by a terrible storm of thunder and lightning! And the `Ad they were destroyed by a furious wind exceedingly violent. (Surah Al-Haqqa: 1-6)


Al-haqqa: the sure Truth: the Event that must inevitably come to pass; the state in which all falsehood and pretence will vanish, and the absolute Truth will be laid bare. The questions in the three verses raise an air of wonder. The solution is suggested in what happened to the Thamud and the 'Ad, and other people of antiquity, who disregarded the Truth of Allah and came to violent end, even in this life,-Symbolically suggesting the great Cataclysm of the Hereafter, the Day of Doom.

The Thamud were addicted to class arrogance. They oppressed the poor. The prophet Sauleh علیہ السلام preached to them, and put forward a wonderful she-camel as symbol of the rights of the poor, but they ham-strung her. They were destroyed in a mighty calamity, an earthquake accompanying a terrible thunderstorm.

The 'Ad were an unjust people spoilt by their prosperity. The prophet Hud علیہ السلام preached to them in vain. They were apparently destroyed by a terrible blast of wind.