Happiness and Eid!

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By:  Suneela Iqbal

She was happy, very happy. Why wouldn't she be? She was going to spend Eid with her relatives and cousins in Pakistan. She had three younger siblings, two brothers and a 3-year old sister. The next day was their flight from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan.  Her packing was almost done. She had bought her Eid clothes before Ramadan, only some jewelry was left to buy. She thought that she would buy it from Pakistan with her cousin, Laiba who was of her age.
The next day at 7 o’ clock their plane took off and landed safely at Karachi airport right on time. Her aunt and cousin, Laiba, welcomed them warmly and they headed towards home. Sarah was very happy to meet everyone after a long time. (Yup... she was meeting everyone after four years!)
The next day she decided to go shopping with Laiba because only three days were left for Eid. Soon they were both in a crowded shopping mall. Sarah wanted to hurry as she didn’t like being shoved and pushed. She looked around and finally found golden ear-rings that matched her Eid clothes and a necklace as well. “This is looking good. What do you think, Laiba?" She asked her opinion. “Yes it's good. Nice choice,” she winked. She bought them right away and was about to leave when a thought came to her. "What about a change this Eid? What if I buy presents for my family? My parents and siblings? Wouldn’t it be worth it?" she asked herself. "I think it would be a great idea. My parents buy a lot of things for me. This is at least what I can do for them.” She told Laiba about this and she agreed. “Hey good idea! Why didn't I think about it? I can also buy gifts for my parents...can't I?" “Of course you can Laiba. Now let's hurry up."
Sarah bought purple ear rings and a delicate purple necklace for her mother as purple was her favorite colour. She bought a perfume for her father because he loved scents. For her brothers she bought toy cars and in the end she bought little, cute red shoes for her dearest little sister. Laiba bought an eye shadow kit for her mom and a black wallet for her dad. She only had one sister and she bought a sky blue bracelet for her as her Eid dress was also blue. They also bought gift sheets to pack all the things.
"All done! Now I'm feeling hungry. I wanna eat something fast and head home," Sarah said. "Sure, but what's the rush?" Laiba asked playfully. “Actually I have to complete my third Quran and time's short." "Oh! Ok let's go."
Next day, in the evening they both locked their room and sat down with all the gifts and sheets. “This will be a big surprise for our families, thanks to you, Sarah. My sister will be very happy because she loves surprises,” Laiba said in a jolly mood. “No need to say thanks. I'm also giving them a surprise on Eid for the first time. I'm excited. Can't wait for tomorrow," Sarah said. “Yeah let's hurry up. Time for iftar is also getting near." They neatly packed all the presents and hid them.
After iftar they went on the roof to check whether Mr. Moon had appeared or not.
“Sarah, any luck? I can't see it anywhere."
“Umm... until now, no. Let's look more carefully," her eyes searched everywhere in the sky.
“I think tomorrow's not Eid. Moon is nowhere to be seen," Laiba said.
“I guess so. I can't see it either. Wait!! Laiba come here. Look isn’t that the moon? It’s very thin." Laiba looked in the direction where Sarah was pointing.
 “Now that you mention it, it does seem like the moon."
 “Haha...not just seem. It really is." Sarah laughed.
"Yayy...which means tomorrow's Eid. Let's go and tell everyone else."
"Sarah, wake up. It’s 7 o' clock. Time to get ready. Remember, today is Eid," said her mother. She woke up and went to the bathroom to take a bath. When she came out, she was wearing a red and green shirt with golden embroidery on it. She wore her golden ear rings which she had bought two days ago. She brushed her hair and left it free. Then she applied a light makeup. "Good...I'm all ready. Lemme check if Laiba's ready or not." She knocked at the door. "Coming," came a voice from inside. After a while Laiba opened the door. She was wearing a purple shirt with pink cigarette pants. Her hair was half tied and she had a purple chain bag in her left hand.
“You’re looking good Sarah," Laiba complimented her.
“And so are you. Let's go downstairs. I hope everyone's ready," Sarah smiled.

They took out all the presents, put them in a gift bag and went down. They greeted everyone 'Eid Mubarak' and sat down for breakfast. After breakfast Laiba said to everyone, “There is something we have to give you all. Is everybody here?” She looked around and then Sarah took out the presents and one by one handed them to everyone. In the end, Sarah went to her little sister and gave her, her gift. Everyone was surprised and very happy.
“Wow… big sis. I love this car. Thanks a lot," Sarah's brother said with excitement.
“Laiba you did all this for us? Thank you my sweet daughter," her father said, hugging her.
Their mothers were also feeling content. Laiba and Sarah looked at each other and smiled. Happiness could be seen on Sarah’s face.  This really was a unique and unforgettable Eid for all of them!
So dear readers!
Eid-ul-Fitr is near. How about getting some presents for your loved ones as well? They will surely love them and it will be a change for everyone. Besides, our beloved Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم said something on these lines… give each other gifts and your love for each other will grow.”
Eid Mubarak everyone!