Eid-ul-Azha and Sacrifice

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Written by: Rais Muhammad Umar

Salman woke up early in the morning on Eid-ul-Azha day, took a bath and put on new clothes. He put oil in his hair, combed it and then applied antimony in his eyes. After that he said 'Eid Mubark' to all his family members. His father gave him Eidi along with his other siblings. His father instructed him not to go outside but to stay at home after the Eid prayers because the butcher would come to slaughter their goat at sharp 09:00 am. He further said, "Salman, you will have to distribute the meat among the neighbours and the poor in their homes."
"Yes father, I shall do so," Salman responded respectfully.
“Father, if you hadn’t reminded brother and instructed him to stay at home he would have gone out to visit his friends on his new bike," Salman's elder sister Zainab said to her father.
"No, I wouldn’t have done so. I shall visit my friends on my bike definitely but after distributing the meat. I have to give meat to my friends too," Salman told his sister.
"Ok. Now let us go and offer our prayers."
After Eid prayers, Salman brought out his beloved and decorated goat from the Otaq which was located beside his home and began to wait for the butcher. Soon his father brought the butcher with him. As soon as the butcher came, he began his task. He seemed to be in a great hurry as it was Eid and a big chance to earn money. He recited Bismillah, Allahu Akbar and slaughtered the animal according to the sunnat. The butcher quickly finished his task and went away. After the butcher had gone Salman and his father got busy in their work of putting the meat in polythene bags to be distributed. They took some meat and gave it to mother to cook and then left to distribute the rest of the meat among the neighbours and the poor people. After distributing the meat, Salman took permission from his parents and started taking out his bike to visit his friends to give them meat. He was starting the bike when all of sudden his father's mobile began to ring.
Looking at the mobile screen, his father said, "Salman beta, your friend Rehan's call." Salman received the call with ‘Assalamu Alaikum.’ From the other side a woman's sad and weeping voice was heard. “Salman beta, Rehan has met a serious accident. He is admitted in the hospital. Pray for his life."
“How did he meet the accident?" Salman asked her.
"I don't know but people are saying that he was riding the bike very fast. Actually, he was coming to you to give the meat," she said and disconnected the call.
Salman was shocked. His plight was such that if his body was cut no blood would have come out.
"No, no. Nothing will happen to my friend. Ammi, Abbu please say so. He will be Ok, won't he?” he asked his parents, emotionally.
“Beta, Allah سبحانہ وتعالی will save and protect him. Insha'Allah, he will be Ok. Don’t worry."
Salman's sister quickly fetched a glass of water for her brother. He drank a little water and said, "Abbu, if anything happens to my friend, Rehan, I will never forgive myself. I am responsible for his accident. Abbu, since we bought our bikes, we have always raced with each other."
“But son, your speed is always normal. You always ride the bike below 40 km/h. How can you be responsible for Rehan’s accident?”
"Abbu, it is all my fault. Yesterday, I told him a lie. I said to him, ‘I ride my bike over 70 km/h.’ Hearing this, Rehan said, ‘I shall also ride my bike above 70 km/h.’ Father, I want to meet Rehan."
"Ok, son. As soon as he is discharged from the hospital and comes home, we shall go to meet him."
"No father, I cannot wait that long. I must go and see him today."
At his insistence, Salman’s father took him to the hospital. Rehan was injured severely. He was in a bad condition but he was alive.
“How are you my dear friend?" Salman asked him, putting the flowers he had brought by his bed side. Rehan tried to speak but was unable to do so. Salman’s eyes filled with tears.
Seeing this, the doctor told Salman’s father to take him out of the room. “The patient is very sensitive," he said.
"I shall not go out," Salman said. "Please doctor, make my friend well, please.”  
"Son, pray to Allah سبحانہ وتعالی. He needs blood but his blood group cannot be found.”  
"Please check my blood. I’m sure it will be the right type.”
"No beta, you seem to be too weak. It seems you have just recovered from an illness. Giving blood to your friend might be harmful for your health.”
"I am all right now, doctor sahib. Please, check my blood. Nothing will happen to me.”
On his insistence, his father also allowed the doctor to check his blood. Luckily Salman's blood group matched Rehan's blood group. The transfusion took place. Both the friends were lying on beds, side by side. Rehan opened his eyes and turning his head slowly, looked at Salman and smiled weakly. Salman smiled back.
Salman was very happy. He had saved his friend's life by donating his blood on the Eid of Sacrifice.