The End

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Written by: T.S.

I extended my hand towards the dagger... It's gonna all end today! Yes. Today it’s going to end. End of all this. End of his life. The end had come… Hahhahha!
“Ubai! Are you mad? Or got another of your crazy fits?” Shakir broke the train of my pleasant thoughts. I hate him for being a nosey, spoilsport and … and being him. Yes, I hate him as a whole. Everything about him. From top to toe. Ew! Sorry! I mean, I think mentioning his toes here would make the page stink too. I did tell him to put his feet in mint water for the scent they release every time he takes off his shoes. But he never tried. Hmph!
Anyway, back to my plans… after shooing him out of the kitchen. I covered the remaining distance from the counter to the knife holder quite fast lest he would drop in again. I pulled out my desired article. One big, shiny, sharp knife…
In a second, I was heading outside where I was to use my throat cutting skills on him. Yes. The poor soul was unaware of my plans. I spotted him standing in the corner with his back towards me. I smiled to myself.
“It would be easy. All done before anyone knows,” I muttered to myself.
Another man was already there. I had talked him into assisting me. But he had only agreed after I had promised to pay him his desired amount. Money makes you do stuff you wouldn't otherwise.
I nodded to the man. He nodded back. That was our code signal. The man bound him. Pushed him to the floor, held him immobile and I cut his throat before he could make any sound or even have time to think what had happened.
Alhamdulillah! The qurbani went off very well. It was easy. May Allah accept it in His court. You'll get the meat too, don't worry. After all, there's a share for friends too! Right?