Prepare Yourself

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By: Suneela Iqbal  Class: 10th

“Javeria, you know that Eid-ul-Azha is near and you have to take part in Qurbani because it is now farz on you. You’re 15 and you have enough money and gold jewellery to make sadaqah-tul-fitr wajib on you. You have to offer qurbani now.” “But mama I thought of buying branded clothes with that money for Eid. And I have to go on a trip with my friends and there will be a lot of expenses. So, I can’t do Qurbani this year,” Javeria answered. Her mother was preparing her young daughter to take part in Qurbani but as usual she was arguing. “Beta, it’s not like that. Doing Qurbani is more important. Just think about it and prepare yourself for it. You are a grown up now. I have to go and complete my cooking as your father is about to come,” saying this she went away.
Javeria was in a shopping mall with her father, mother and her friends, Amna, Fatima and Mahnoor. Mahnoor and Fatima were like Javeria but Amna was different. She was a bit religious minded. They bought shoes, clothes, jewellery and after shopping had burgers from Hardees. Javeria was very happy. They left the shopping mall and were just about to sit in the car when a beggar came near Javeria and said, “Please give me something to eat. I am hungry from morning. May Allah help you in your Qurbani.” She took out some notes from her purse and replied, “Take this. It is yours and I won’t do Qurbani.” Javeria didn’t know why she said such a thing and went to sit in the car. Amna and Mahnoor heard her sentence. Amna was shocked and worried while Fatima didn’t notice much.
The next day Amna came to Javeria’s house. “Javeria, I need to talk about something important with you.”
“Yeah, sure. Go ahead.”
“You know what Javeria? I am doing Qurbani this year and I am really happy about it.”
“Oh good. Nice to hear that,” said Javeria.
“What about you? Are you planning to do sacrifice this time?” asked Amna.
“Umm…no because I have already many expenses and I can’t afford it.”  “But your father is here to bear all those expenses, isn’t he? You have to do sacrifice with your own money and I know that you have enough. If you buy clothes or other stuff with that money it won’t be of any use but if you do sacrifice with it you will get a lot of ajr. Besides it is farz on you and you can’t just not do it. Think over it, will you. Allah Hafiz,” said Amna and went out leaving Javeria in deep thought.
“Aapi! Aapi! Come, hurry up! Look what father has brought for us,” said Asad, Javeria’s younger brother.
“Coming . What’s the rush?” replied Javeria. She followed her excited brother and then she saw a white and black beautiful cow standing in their lawn.
“See father has brought this beautiful cow for Eid-ul-Azha for us. Isn’t it exciting?  And one part is yours too!”
“Yes, dear brother. There is also my part in it and I am doing Qurbani for the very first time,” said Javeria happily. “I used to think that I would just be wasting my money but now I feel like I have done a really good deed. I’m so happy, Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for guiding me!” Javeria said with a deep smile.
So young readers! Prepare yourself for Eid-ul-Azha if it is farz on you. Do not delay and hesitate in it for Allah has said:
“There is no deed favorable to Allah other than sacrifice in the days of Eid-ul-Azha.”