My Pets

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By: Syeda Aleena Batool

The word ‘pet’ gives me a very strange but a happy feeling. Because in my life I always try to take care of small animals. It always gives me a contented feeling.
 In the beginning, I was very fond of birds. Actually, in my gallery many pigeons and crows used to come and sit. There were green coloured pigeons and white pigeons also used to sit there because my dadi jan, my younger sister and I daily gave them pieces of bread. They waited eagerly for their food which used to give me a satisfactory feeling. Even today when I see crows I miss those moments very much.
 My second interest was in fishes. Actually, my chachoo who lives in Australia brought a bowl. There were 3 pairs of fish in it. One day what happened brought tears in my eyes. When my chachoo was in the bathroom my cousin’s hand, erroneously touched the fish bowl and it shattered into pieces and all the fish.
The next day, when I came back from school my chachoo said that there is a surprise for you. When we went to our gallery I saw two cute little chicks. One was red and the other was brownish golden. I liked the red one so I took it and named it ‘Chicky’. My sister named her pet ‘Mr. Brown’. We used to play with our pets at least  for four hours every day. One day we saw that Mr. Brown couldn’t walk properly. We gave it medicines but it was useless. The very next day it died. After a week Chicky also died. Sigh! May they rest in peace.
Then we shifted to another house and surprisingly we found pets there too.
We started to hear voices like “meow” and yes, you are right. We saw two kittens and we named them Kristy and Wristy but unluckily Wristy soon died. Cristy was the same… growing rapidly. One day it was sleeping and my dear mom thought that was dead and picked it up to throw it outside. What a short throw it was!
After that my chachoo brought fish again. Total of six fish. And luckily they are still surviving in a proper aquarium and we feed them daily.
And we also have a kitten named ‘Crusty’.
So dear readers, you should keep pets like I do! Keep them, not kill them, that is.