Asim’s First Fast

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Written by Faryal Gul   Grade 10th,  Aga Khan School, Karachi

It was a quiet afternoon when Asim, along with his parents, left the super market and made his way to the car which was parked a few minutes’ walk away. After shopping in the market for hours they were all famished and drained. Asim’s dad, Mr. Azhar, bought him some juice and chips from a shop they passed by. Asim had just opened the packet of chips when a beggar called them and said, ‘Main raat say bhuka hun beta, kuch madad kardo. Allah tumhara bhala karay ga.’ Mr. Azhar asked his son to give the beggar his juice and chips and he would buy him some more. Asim looked at his dad and told him he won’t share his chips or juice. Mr. Azhar didn’t say anything but gave some money to the beggar.
Two months later the adored month of Ramadhan arrived. Asim was eight years old now and he was going to fast for the first time. On 27th Ramadhan, Asim kept his first fast. It was first time he had nothing to eat the whole day long. He was almost half dead when it was maghrib and the azan began. The table was full of Asim’s favorite food and drinks. As the azan started, Asim ate some dates and had some water. This made him feel better.
He told his dad how difficult it had been to control his hunger. Mr. Azhar smiled and said, “Asim, you were feeling sick with hunger. You were fasting but you had comfortable bed to rest on, your parents to share your feelings with, friends and toys to play with and above all, you knew that soon it would be evening and you  would be able to eat your favourite dishes, drink juices to your heart’s content. Remember that day you when you did not give your chips or juice to that poor beggar? He told you that he was hungry since last night. He had no bed to rest, no shelter, no family, no proper clothes, friends and he had no idea when and how will he get anything to eat. Fasting teaches us about patience and gives us the lesson that we should help poor ones who can’t afford any food.”
His father’s words made Asim feel ashamed of himself and he realized how lucky he was to have everything. He realized why Allah ta’ala had ordained fasting as a compulsory act. He promised himself and his parents that from now on he would share his blessings with those who didn’t have any.