Allah’s Trust

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By: Syeda Aleena Batool

Someone said, “Trust is like a paper, once it is crumbled it can never be the same again.”
The same thing happened to me. I am narrating the whole story here:
  I was roaming in the chocolaty world of my dreams when suddenly I was rudely awakened by a noise like ‘crashh’ and I knew that something wrong had taken place. I stepped out of the room. The air smelled danger. I went towards the room from where the noise had come. In the room my younger sisters were standing with innocent faces. I asked them what had happened. They shrugged and replied that the sound had come from upstairs. I went back to my room but I didn’t believe them. Then a thought occurred to me. I should see what they were up to from the window that opened into the garden. I sneaked outside and I saw that my beloved mirror, shattered into pieces, was lying on the floor. I ran back inside only to find that my sisters were throwing the rubble out.
“Are you crazy? How did you do that? How on earth did you break it?” I shouted angrily.
“It just incidentally fell,” one of my sisters said calmly.
“Oh yes, it fell by itself or was it a ghost or a witch who did it?”
They shook their heads. Two minutes passed. Nothing stirred.
I walked out of the room trying to remain calm. I’d had enough of both of them.
That night I dreamt that someone was showing me the mirror which had recently broken. I woke up with a jerk. It was nearly morning when I fell into an uneasy sleep. The next night I dreamt that the same man who had given me the mirror in my previous dream was advising me to offer salat regularly. He also showed me the mirror but it had deep cracks in it. Then I woke up. I knew that I was not offering my prayers since summer vacations. I felt slightly ashamed. But I did not pay any attention to my dream. I had the same dream on the third night. This went for a week but I was not in the least worried about it. But something was peculiar, every night the cracks on the mirror become deeper and deeper. Then came the night when I dreamt that the man threw the mirror forcefully on the ground. What did it mean, I wondered. Then realization dawned. It meant that the mirror was Allah’s trust in me. On the first night it had only some cracks but as the days passed the cracks became deeper and deeper till at last the mirror was broken. Not only me, but my conscience also woke up. I prayed to Allah for forgiveness every night for a month. Then one night I dreamt that the broken mirror was joined with tapes. It meant that Allah ta’ala was somehow forgiving me. Days passed and I regularly offered my prayers. One night I dreamt that the mirror was once again as flawless as it was before. My heart leaped with joy. But the man in my dream warned me that a person may fall and get up again but if he falls again and again he might not be able to get up at all.