Real Happiness

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By: Sidra Jabeen  Rawalpindi Cantt

Shopping is a favourite hobby of women. While shopping they spend thousands of rupees in buying things to their hearts’ content. I will never forget the day when I went shopping and only Rs. 50 saved someone from trouble. It gave us peace of heart and real happiness, happiness that was far more than that we got in purchasing different things that day.           
On that fine morning my sister and her friends, Saima and Babra had planned to go shopping. My sister asked me whether I wanted to go with her or not. I got ready at once. Around 11 o’ clock Saima came to our house to pick us up along with Babra. We went to a commercial market. First we did window shopping then we bought all the things we had decided to purchase. After shopping we had some refreshments … chaat, samosay, cold drinks etc. My sister had only Rs. 50 left and we were thinking that they were worth nothing.
After spending five hours at the shopping mall, Saima dropped us near our home. We had to cross only one road to reach our gate. As we were about to cross the road, a woman came near along with her 3-year old kid. By appearance she looked as if she belonged to a noble family.
She told us that she had forgotten her purse in a taxi. She couldn’t call her husband even because her mobile and money were in her purse. Now she didn’t know what to do. She asked us if we could give her only Rs. 10 for wagon fare to reach her home. My sister looked at me. The same thought flashed in my mind. Was she a clever beggar? Guessing our thoughts she suddenly said, “If I give you my husband’s number will you call him?” Relieved, we quickly agreed. My sister took out her mobile, the women told her the number but… alas, my sister had run out of balance. The woman looked at us in despair. My sister quietly took out the Rs. 50 note and gave it to her. The woman’s eyes became wet with tears and she was about to cry. She said thanks in a gruff voice and went towards the bus stop.   
We feel real happiness whenever we recall this incident. We never knew that Rs. 50 that were worth nothing to us had solved someone's problem.