The Incident that Led to…..

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Written by: Ukhti-Muhammad

At last, our Summer Vacations began and uncle decided to take us on tour of Pakistan. We had a lot of fun; we went to Malam Jabbah… a place in Swat. It was a huge and a cold mountainous place. When we reached there it was time for Zuhr so we offered our salah in the camp, ordered food and went on the top of the mountain by a chair lift. We had hired a local resident to help us. When we reached there the local resident warned us to be very careful as the mountain was steep and many children who had come there had lost their balance, fallen, and died. Carefully we climbed up the mountain; there was a small shop on the side of the mountain and as all of us were very hungry my uncle bought some chips for us. We sat there, munched and chatted. When I finished my packet of chips I went to throw the wrapper in the dustbin which was kept on the side of the steep mountain. My mum kept calling me and warning me not to go near the edge but I didn’t listen and went near the dustbin. In the next few seconds I completely lost my balance and started rolling down.  Allah (subhanahu wa taal’a) was merciful to me and had decided to save me, so by the grace of Almighty Allah a nice and a sweet couple was hiking by and they came up and saved me. My uncle thanked the couple, held my hand and brought me back.
I hugged my mom, drank some water and most of all thanked Allah سبحانہ وتعالی who had saved me.
This event changed my life and from that moment I promised myself that I would always listen to my elders because they’re more experienced and always tell us things for our own good. Every time I think about that incident I thank Allah ta’ala that He sent the couple to my rescue but one thing I truly believe in is that Allah ta’ala saved me because of dua’s. So, my dear readers, I’d suggest that you make a habit of reciting all the morning and evening dua’as and dua’as of before leaving the house and coming back so that He, in His mercy, sends angles to help us.
“Remember me and I’ll remember you and thank me and do not be ungrateful.”(2:152)