The Exam

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By: Aashie Hassan

This tradition has been flowing through the veins of the education system for several years now – the practice of having assessments at the end of every academic year. This happens to be one of the many rituals I despise the most. What I don’t understand is the reason behind this most ridiculous practice. I mean, we study all the year really hard and get assessed frequently which is completely fine by me. But to have exams of everything you studied throughout the whole year is hard, time-consuming and a total waste, as to what I believe. Yet again, after a good, strong and happy year came the worst time of my life.
Weeks passed by as we squeezed every single piece of information from our books and transferred them into our own poor, overstuffed brains. Then came the inevitable day – the first exam day, and guess what, it was Chemistry! Simply beautiful! Although I was prepared, the pre-exam jitters and nervousness finally caught up with me leaving me no choice but to panic. I tried to calm myself down but it was in vain. I tried to revise in order to satisfy my thumping heart of the fact that I knew what I was doing but it was hopeless. And then… the bell rang with such ferocity that I felt my eardrums shatter. I jerked out of my daze and walked into the monstrous jaws of the examination hall.
With a deep breath, I sat in my assigned place and began the frighteningly thick test paper. Slowly, gradually time slithered by, every second increasing my anxiety. Unaware of the time, I raged fight with an experiment which seemed to be written in Greek.
“Fifteen minutes left,” the invigilator’s voice rang out.
I jumped and $#%**&# the paper under my breath. Next thing I knew, my hand raced through the paper pouring black ink all over it. I never knew I had that strength or speed in myself before. Sweat glistened on my forehead as I scribbled as many answers as I could.
At last came the roar, “Drop your pens” and I was probably the first one to get rid of mine. Soon I was dismissed and took my leave. Stepping out, a calm, soothing feeling of satisfaction crept over me.
 ‘One down, ten more to go,’ I thought to myself and exited the hall as the doors slammed shut behind me.