Sea Time!

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By: Suneela Iqbal   Class: 10th

Sea is a place where I can be for days and days without getting bored and without doing anything. For me, it’s a place of relief, a place of tranquility, a place for peace of mind. I love water a lot and a sea is made up of water! So why wouldn't I love it?
I'm the type of girl who in her loneliness, thinks. Not only alone but most of the time. A person who speaks less and listens more thinks more too. Well that's my experience and this kind of girl enjoys her loneliness. She considers it a pleasant time and so do I.
Sea, the cool breeze, the waves, the sound of sea, the birds chirping, toes in the sand, the motion of waves and cold water, all make it worth it. I feel it. I feel the wind and the breeze. The sea breeze refreshes our mind. I like to gaze at the horizon and the forceful waves. Life is great at the sea. It feels so good. Gentle wind felt on the cheeks and feeling of contentment is all what I get and all what I love.
I went to the seaside this year in Karachi. It is my favorite place! I was so excited. I jumped out of the car and saw the sea. Waves were coming in and crashing so forcefully. The sea was unbelievably rough. We had booked an isolated hut and had the beach to ourselves. First of all we unpacked our eatables and had breakfast. I just couldn't wait to go into the water. I hurriedly finished eating and with my cousins, ran towards the seashore. The first wave came and touched my feet. So cold! I stepped forward and the water came to my knees. Then I went into more depth. The waves shoved me and I completely fell in the water umpteen times and so were the others falling. I'm happiest floating in the sea.
My cousins were so happy. They were splashing the water and throwing it on each other. They made a sand castle but the waves destroyed it. They laughed and decided to make another one. We enjoyed the sea from 9 to 1. Time passed by so quickly. Good times always pass quickly. Well that's the only thing bad about the good times! I've heard:
"The cure for anything is saltwater… sweat, tears or the sea."
That's another reason for loving the sea so much. Soothing, calm (sometimes rough), pleasant and intimate. It always has a good impact on my mood. Can't thank Allah enough for this beautiful creation. If any one of you has also gone to the sea, you must have also felt the same. Just don't miss the chance to go to the sea if you ever get one. Great experience as always!