The Saddler’s Hajj

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By: Rabbiya Sajjad

Once there was a waliAllah, a very religious man. One day he asked Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) whose Hajj He was going to accept that year. Allah Ta’ala sent a revelation to him and told him that He was going to accept a saddler’s hajj who lived in such and such a place. But the saddler would not actually perform the Hajj itself. The wali Allah was very confused.

Next day he decided to go and look for the saddler. After a little struggle he found him. He told the saddler about the revelation he got from Allah. The saddler started to cry and after his heart was lighter he told the Wali Allah about his Hajj:

“One day when my son was playing outside he smelled some meat cooking in our neighbour’s house. My son went to their house and asked them if he could have just a small piece of the meat. But our neighbours told him that you are not worth it. My son began to cry and came home and told me about the incident. I got angry and went to my neighbour’s house and told them that if they didn’t want to give meat to my son it was ok but they shouldn’t at least tell him that he wasn’t worth it. They replied that they had told the truth.

His son was really not worthy of the meat as it was a dead animal’s meat. I was shocked when I heard that. I told them that in our deen a dead animal’s meat is haram. How could they eat it? They replied that our Allah has said that if you are unable to get food from any where even after three days of going hungry then a dead animal’s meat is halal (sacred) for you. I said sorry to them and went back home. When I came back home I opened my drawer and looked at the money I had been saving for years to perform Hajj. Suddenly I remembered that Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam had said that if your neighbour is hungry and can’t find anything to eat and you are not helping him then any good deed you do will be of no use. That very moment I went to my neighbour’s house and gave them all my money and told them to buy something for themselves to eat and then I came back.  I have started saving money again for my Hajj and inshaAllah I will perform it some time. But honestly I felt much happier than before.”

 The Wali Allah was now satisfied and no more confused.

This shows how much Allah cares about our wants and fulfils them without even letting us know. I am proud to be a Muslim.