I... Your Humble Slave

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Written by: Heartbroken Soul

I was awe-stricken! Indeed I was! If there were any other word than that, I would have used it. Overawed! Awestruck! Awestricken by His Majesty, His Greatness, His Magnanimity. SubhanAllah! 
Those dark black clouds advancing in the sky, towards me… above my house… filling the light background of a dull sky behind... against the church cross. It all looked creepy. I feel no embarrassment in hiding my feelings. I was truly scared by Him, by His majesty by the one who is so great, if He wills He can wipe me off the face of this Earth in no time... leaving no marks. How is it I have disobeyed Him yet am alive? Surely His Mercy overshadows His Wrath. 
It was early morning. 6:30 am. Those clouds left me pondering as well as afraid for many minutes to come. This was the second time I had experienced this… the sense of my smallness and His Greatness… my disobedience and His Forgivingness. This time those dark black clouds awed me. That time a vast stretch of desert with no living being for miles around, frightened me. Giving me a note to think about my self, my actions, my path of life… comparing it to that of a person approved by Allah. And my head bows in shame. For despite being The All Powerful, He has always forgiven me… concealed my sins...which my weak and foolish mind thought was another chance to break His orders. 
I – Your puny, inferior, sinful slave implore You to give me the strength to fight my nafs and the Shaytan. Cover me with Your special Mercy. Keep me from going astray.
Ya Allah, your signs spread throughout this mortal world, are enough to frighten me... to shake my weak heart. I don’t have the capacity to bear Your punishment nor face Your wrath. Pray pardon me and deliver me from the evils of this world, the horrors of the next and Your displeasure and anger, Aameen.