Thirteen Hundred Years Later

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By: Fatimah Zahra

Faisal I, the king of Iraq was in deep sleep when suddenly in his dream, a voice said “We are two companions of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu ‘alai-hi- waSallam) buried by the bank of River Faraat. The river is changing its course and the water is coming towards us. It has reached the grave of Hazrat Huzaifa Al Yamani (Radhi-yAllahu Ta’ala an-hu) and the grave of Hazrat Abdullah Bin Jabir (Radhi-yAllahu Ta’ala an-hu) is getting moist. Take us away from the river bank and bury us at some distance from it.” The King heard these words clearly and the next day, ordered the digging of a point in between the river and the graves so as to ensure that the river was not seeping towards the graves. No evidence was found so the kind was satisfied.

The second night, he saw the same dream again but paid no attention to it. On the third night, the Mufti-e-Azam Noori Al-Saeed Pasha saw the same dream. He immediately informed the Prime Minister and went to the king with him to describe his dream. The king also confessed of seeing the same dream for two consecutive nights. This time, the king held a conference with other ulmas of the time and it was decided that first the Mufti-e-Azam would have a fatwa for the opening of the graves and then it would be checked that the graves were not wet and acted accordingly.

The Mufti-e-Azam gave the fatwa of opening of the graves and the king ordered the shifting of the bodies of the two Sahabah (Radhi-yAllahu Ta’ala an-hum) immediately after Eid-ul-Azha of the year 1929. As soon as the fatwa and the royal commandant were published in the newspaper, the news spread like wild-fire through the Muslim Ummah. Thousands of letter and telegrams were sent to Shah Faisal by pilgrims who had come to Makkah for Hajj, requesting the delay of the date so that they would not be deprived of such a unique opportunity of the Ziayarat of the two companions.

Therefore, the date was prolonged to the tenth day after Hajj. The long anticipated day arrived. It is said that not only Muslims from Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Iran, Bulgaria, Russia, India etc, but no-Muslims also from all over the world were present at the spot. In the presence of Shah Faisal, officials of Iraqi government, ambassadors of all countries and thousands of people, the graves were opened. And indeed, there was some water in the grave of Hazrat Huzaifa and the grave of Hazrat Abdullah had become wet. 

Thus the body of Hazrat Huzaifa was first lifted out of the ground using a stretcher attached with a crane. The stretcher was detached and Shah Faisal, Mufti-e-Azam, Vizier of Turkey and Crown Prince Farooq of Egypt took it on their shoulders and lowered the body in a glass coffin with great respect. In the same way, Hazrat Abdullah Bin Jabir’s body was taken out and put in a glass coffin with great respect.

The shrouds on their bodies were completely fresh and even the hair in the beards were unchanged. Looking at them, it was not possible to comprehend that the bodies were thirteen hundred years old but as if the two Sahabah had died just a few hours ago. Another astonishing fact was that their eyes were opened and had such a sharp gleam in them that no one could see them eye-to-eye (with eye contact). Renowned specialist doctors were dumbfounded at this. A German eye specialist, present at the spot, testified that their eyes possessed a glimmer, which no dead body possessed even a few minutes after death, and seeing this miracle, he embraced Islam.

Moreover, a German film making company even recorded it and Shah Faisal gave them permission to fix thirty feet long and twenty feet wide television screens on four poles, two hundred feet above the graves. There were screens on all four sides of the poles and in this way, every individual watched the spectacle from his place and there was no pushing-pulling in the crowd for the Ziarat, otherwise uncountable people would have come under foot. Seeing this miracle of God, several non-Muslims embraced Islam. The two Sahabah were buried near Hazrat Salman (Radhi-yAllahu Ta’ala an-hu) Farsi, where they now rest in peace.