United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

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Written by: Amtul Amna

The Holy Quran says: “Hold fast to the rope of Allah all of you and do not be divided.” From this verse, we come to know that Islam has definitely taught us unity. It means that we should maintain a relationship with each of our fellow creatures. Unity inculcates brotherhood. One of the benefits of performing five times prayers in congregation is that it binds the Muslim community together. The Muslim communities all over the world are a single identity. The concept of Muslim Ummah is not restricted to any particular boundary. It encompasses all boundaries. No believer is superior over any other on the basis of national origin, colour, caste or economic status, not even in front of Allah. All believers should treat each other as equals.

In a hadith it is said: “All the believers are like a single man such that if his eye is affected so all the body parts feel the pain, and if his head pains then also his entire body feels the pain.” This hadith is based on Muslim brotherhood. All the believers have been compared to a human body which feels the pain of an affected body part. The Holy Quran says: “The believers are but a single brotherhood…” {49:10}

There is a great strength in unity. A person can easily break a single thread but if many threads are woven in a rope, even a strongest man cannot break it. When many people get together they are like a mass of woven threads. As a result, their enemies can never defeat them. Such examples can be obtained from the life of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam). When he preached Islam, all his companions were united and had a single aim which led them to victory in all the battles. Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) once said: “The Muslims are like the bricks of a single building. Each one gives support to the other.”

Unity solves most of the problems of the society as each member has the support of the others. The families, nations, the people and countries that are united are greatly respected and honoured by others. They are able to accomplish all their missions with ease.

We all know that China became independent after Pakistan but if we think a little and look around, we will come to know that the Chinese have progressed beyond imagination. They have a very high economic status. People from all around the world want to go there for studies and business. Why is this so?? Why have they been able to build up a better reputation than us? It’s just because they are united. The Chinese had a single aim in front of them. They wanted to change their situation and they accomplished their mission. We, Pakistanis, also want to see our country respected and honoured. We love our country a lot, but we never act accordingly. We just express our love by organizing different programmes but we never become united in the real sense. We do not help our poor people. We don’t care about the other person’s pain. We just want to build our own reputation and wealth. We do not appreciate or encourage our siblings…not even help them in difficult situations; most of the time we just scold them on insignificant things instead of establishing brotherhood and fraternity. We have stopped discussing our problems with our fellow brothers (istashara) as has been enjoined by Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam).  He also established Majlis-e-shoora so every Muslim could convey his thoughts regarding any matter. We feel superior to others and we are also proud that we can do better than anyone else. How will we ever be able to get success in our decisions after neglecting the Sunnah? In the entire history, if any Muslim community has achieved its mission then it was because of the strong bond between them.

An American Non-Muslim was discussing Islam with a pious sheikh while he was watching a live broadcast of Ish’a prayers from Holy Ka’bah. More than three million people were there on that night in the month of Ramadhan. So disorganized, so crowded ... some sitting, some walking about, talking and some circumambulating around the holy Ka’bah.

The sheikh asked him, “How long do you think it will take them to form perfect rows?” “Atleast about 2 to 3 hours,” he replied. The sheikh said, “Remember, the Masjid comprises of four floors.” “Then it will take them six, seven hours.” “Take into account that these people are from all the different countries of the world and speak different language,” the sheikh pointed out.

“Then it is impossible to organize them by any means.”

Prayer time came and an Imaam stood up and recited, “ESTAWOO” i.e. arrange yourselves. Within seconds the whole scene changed and they were arranged in countless perfect rows. The American was shocked and embraced Islam.

If a non-Muslim can be impressed by the unity in Islam, then why can’t we achieve it in all facets of our life? When the non-Muslims have realized the benefits of being united, then why can’t we do so having been born as Muslims? Why don’t we realize the rewards and benefits and advantages of unity? Unity with everyone … with friends ... with all our relatives and with all the Muslims of the world! Just take one step towards unity and Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) will help you. He has promised that if you try to do something for my sake I am going to make it very easy for you!