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1. Last train to Clarksville

Brian, Amy and Stephanie are waiting at the train station. Each of the three is waiting for a different train. When they check the station clock, they realize the Amy is going to have to wait twice as long for her train as Brian will for his. While Stephanie will have to wait twice as long as Amy!

What time is it?

Destination Track.      Departure

New-burgh.     3.              4:48

Springfield.    7.               4:57

Clarksville.     4.               5:15


2. The right stuff

Ninety people applied for a job as a salesperson for a book publishing company. Ten of the applicants had never worked in sales or in the publishing business. Sixty five had worked in sales at some point, and fifty eight had some background in publishing.

How many of the applicants had experience in both sales and publishing?


3. Store 24

Using six 1's and and three plus signs, can you form an expression that equals 24?


4: Strange but true:

Melanie was given three positive numbers and told to add them up, Jessica was given same three numbers and told to multiply all together. Surprise surprise : Melanie and Jessica got the same answer!

What were the numbers given?


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Ans. 1)  It is now 4:39. Brian has to wait 9 minutes for his train (to New-burgh ) Amy has to wait 18 minutes for her train (to Springfield ) while Stephanie has to wait 36 minutes for her train ( to Clarksville).

Ans. 2)  The answer is 43. Simply add up 10+65+58 getting a total of 133 then subtract 90 to get the answer. The reason this works is that when you add up 10, 65 and 58 you are double counting the people with experience in both sales and publishing so just subtract the original number if applicants 90 and you are left with the experienced people - single counted , just the way you want.

Ans. 3) 11+11+1+1=24

Ans.4)  The numbers are 1,2 and 3