The Cry of a Believer

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Written By: Invisible Tears

The whip comes straight thrashing into my back. My spine cracks up. The agony is unbearable. I can’t even scream; it seems as if my vocal cords don’t exist. The shrieks of dread and terror… they can only be seen in my eyes; the barren and sullen eyes. It comes again… the whip and I cough out blood responding to the excruciating pain. Hunger…. Oh, it doesn’t matter now. I desperately try to forget the enchanting laughter of my kids and their innocent voices. My dreams are so haunting… so filled with the bygone memories of the contented life I was living. These dreams have now undergone a revolution. Those happy memories have changed to painful nightmares. Extremely devastating. But can I help it? No. What do they have against me? What is the crime I have committed? Is dressing according to the Sunnah a crime? Is growing a beard or inviting people to the Circle of The Truth a felony? Does encouraging people to live life according to Islam make me a murderer? Is fighting for one’s country an offence punishable by death? No matter whatever ways they try, I will not desert my religion, my true identity… Islam.
Before this happened to me, I had never imagined man to be so ruthless. In fact, I do not believe that even now. What I believe is that Shaytaan is the one behind this. It is not man who inflicts torture on me, but it is Shaytaan. Who can bear to see the blood of innocent children flowing in the streets of Syria? Who can stand to see men and women being slaughtered in Egypt? Who can remain in a sound mind when he sees his family being burnt to death? Who can retain his sanity when he sees his family blown up into pieces? It is Shaytaan who does this. It is Shaytaan who has grasped man’s conscience and made him oblivious, dead and blind to what he’s doing. I can’t blame man.
I face torture every day. Every single moment passes in deep resentment and anguish. But with the inextinguishable hope and massive willpower which Allah has blessed me with, I bear all these atrocities, no not atrocities but unimaginable brutality. It is Allah who will either turn the hearts of these oppressors to the correct path or punish them with His wrath. I just remain patient, inspired by the lives of the Heroes of Islam. Just like these prominent figures remained steadfast in their faith, no matter what hardships came their way, I will try to stand firm too.
This makes me wonder how Aasiya, the wife of the Pharaoh bore the pain when that merciless man, overcome by Shaytaan, hammered nails into her hands and pinned her. He did this so that she would refute her declaration of belief in Allah. But such was the might which Allah blessed her with, that she refused to do so. The Quran mentions her name: “And God sets forth as an example to those who believe the wife of Pharaoh. Behold, she said: ‘O my Lord! Build for me in nearness to Thee a mansion in the Garden and save me from Pharaoh  and his doings and save me from those that do wrong.’” (66:11). She suffered immense pain but did not proclaim him as god and turned to Allah to seek His bounties and so will I try to do so.
This makes me wonder how Hazrat BILAL رضی اللہ عنہ bore the torment at the hands of his master. How did he withstand the pain when he was forcibly laid down on the hot sand of the scorching desert? What did he say when his skin burnt and his master whipped him so that he would give up his belief? He said nothing but “AHAD” … Allah is One. He did it for the cause of Islam, for the cause of Allah and so will I try to do so.
This makes me wonder how Hazrat Usman رضی اللہ عنہ laid down his life for the cause of his religion. How did he fast for 40 days without anything to eat? How did he bear it? How did the oppressors assassinate him? His head was struck with an axe and blood flowed down to his beard… to the Quran which he was reading, onto the verse: “… And Allah will suffice you against them.” (2:137). Allah blessed him and promised punishment for his assassins.  He did not renounce his faith, he maintained his dignity, and so will I try to do so.
This makes me wonder how Hazrat Husain رضی اللہ عنہ was murdered brutally by Yazid’s army.  How did his family bear the torture? They were prevented from drinking water for three days. How did Hazrat Husain face this blow of betrayal?  He fought for justice when he was deceived. Swords and axes were showered on his body. His head was cut off and presented to Yazid. Such was his Patience and he showed the courage of a true martyr, and so will I try to do so.
This makes me wonder how our Prophet, Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم bore the persecution he faced by the non-believers of Makkah. How did he bear the pain of the stones thrown at him by the youngsters of Taif? His shoes were filled with blood! In this troublesome position, he did not curse those people, instead he prayed for their Hidayah. He bore every difficulty with overpowering patience as endorsed in the Quran: “So be patient in the face of what they say and glorify your Lord with praise before the rising of the sun and before it sets.” (18:39) He did what he could to prevent people from oppressing others, and so will I try to do so.
If all these heroes bore the anguish inflicted on them, keeping patient and left for us an example to follow, then I will follow with obedience if Allah wills. They encountered the numerous afflictions but did not abandon their religion. Such was their Emaan, such was their Faith, such was their fidelity towards Allah. And if they could do it, I will also try my best to suffer the merciless torture in this infamous prison with Allah’s Guidance, Inshaallah!