A Glimpse Forward

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Written by: Hafsa Kamal

I’ll be very honest with you. Whenever I write, a hobby which has become progressively frequent, it’s only because inspiration has hit me. Sitting here, trying to brainstorm for the special issue, my mind has gone blank. What’s worse is that most of the other writers have already contributed for this issue and I’m still struggling to conjure something worth becoming the cover story; time is fast running out, the deadline is just around the corner.
I sit back.
I bring into focus the objective behind this deed. Why do I want to write an Islamic story in the first place? My main reason is pleasing Allah Jallah Jallalahu. It’s the reason why I started writing for several different Islamic magazines yet the sincerity of my actions has sometimes fluctuated. My nafs urges me to write for the pleasure of seeing my name published, for my story to become the cover story but my conscience tells me to stick to my true intention… that of pleasing Allah سبحانہ وتعالی.  
All of us should judge our motives too. Do we write for the sake of Allah سبحانہ وتعالی or is it just our desire to see our names in print? What makes us slave laboriously over our laptops/notebooks? I think most people vie with each other to get their stories published on The Truth’s cover, yet shouldn’t our aim be to write just for the sake of pleasing Allah? But then do we really write to please Allah? Had it been so, a special issue wouldn’t have forced you to write more than one article/stories just so your name would get published thrice over. I’m not saying it is wrong and a person should restrict themselves, I’m just saying it’s extremely important to keep our motives intact. Take a moment to sit back and think why you are writing for The Truth and especially for its special issue. After all, the Holy Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم is reported to have said, “Actions are judged by intentions.”
I had told the co-editor that I would try my best to submit at least four to five articles for her to select from but after thinking all this, I think I’ll stick to this one only. It’s hard, seeing as how my Truth Family writers have written and submitted more stories than me, and I had fully intended to match their zeal. However, I don’t know their intentions but I certainly know mine. I want to keep my record straight for the Hereafter. If I write Islamic stories, it will only be because Islam holds the upper hand for me. Secondly, it’s the sincerity of our actions which helps in the cause of preaching and makes it more effective. If my intentions are not sincere, my writings will surely be ineffective.
Let us take this course of action. Before you begin to write, take a minute or two to deliberate over the reason behind it and the consequences you aim for. If you make the right choice your work will be memorable without any doubt, believe me.