Just Look Up

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By: Truth Revealer

My head thundered with rage and thick tears rolled down my cloudy cheeks pelting the earth as I sobbed unleashing my fury upon the world. I always used to wonder why people were surprised, astonished and fearful of storms, earthquakes, tsunamis and numerous other natural disasters. After all, with everything that happens on the face of this earth…it is bound to give in to this burden of darkness. And like many other days today too I was weeping over the unheard, ignored and lost innocent cries of the Muslims throughout the world.
There are times when everybody is disappointed by family, friends, and loved ones and that happens when you are forced to face the bitter reality, something unexpected, unbelievable. And hope doesn’t hurt as long as it’s cherished but once it is lost to disappointment it’s a torture. Believe me when I say that I am heartbroken and disappointed with you…with you and with the entire Muslim ummah. Mind you, this disappointment has only come to being after praying upon the light that our world is supposedly hanging on—hope. And it hurts…it hurts so much because I am tired of waiting, hoping and more importantly watching.
I have laid watch over the world for centuries since the universe came to being. I am witness to the good that has come to pass, and the best times were those of the Prophets’. It pains me to remember how much our Prophet, Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم cherished his ummah…how he would stand under the burning sun for hours with nothing on his tongue but –‘Ya Allah ummati…ummati.’ It hurts me to imagine how Rasoolullah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم would feel now if he saw the ways of his people. How it would pain him to see his ummah drowned in the darkness of evil. And then there’s also the time when Salah uddin Ayyobi kicked the crusaders from Palestine and reclaimed our Qiblah-Awwal. And…and….
There was also the time when Mutasim Billah led an army of 40,000 soldiers in response to a plea of his sister.
I have also seen every single horror that has come to pass below me, but never have I felt so scared, afraid and hopeless. Oh…how could I forget the dark times of Hajjaj and Chenghez Khan. A period where innocent Muslims, scholars were all slaughtered with brute force and no mercy. I can still feel the goose bumps on my cloudy body. Alas, the time when Muslims lost leadership of the world, lost Palestine, lost Iraq, lost Syria, lost themselves to their sworn enemies—the children of evil Iblees himself—those who wreaked havoc upon the world. Those who painted the cracked face of what you call mother earth in blood. Those who made my weak heart shake in terror. They forced me to see the annihilation of the great Muslim empire. And I watched, unable to do anything but endure, I watched as parents lost their kids and I gazed painfully as your enemies plummeted you deep into the ground. And then…then I hoped…I hoped to see another Farooq who would make his enemies tremble in fear. I wished to see Mutasim who would listen and respond to the cries of help yelling, ‘Labbaik, Labbaik.’ I dreamt to see a bin Qasim and Ayyobi rise from within the ashes of their ancestors. But none came…
Palestine fell to war. Afghanistan fell to chaos and mayhem. Syria fell to anarchy and destruction. Pakistan—the pure land—fell to greed and selfishness. The entire Muslim world fell apart but they didn’t come.
I trembled with fear. I feared Allah’s anger and punishment as I witnessed the darkest hour upon mankind itself. Humanity was losing battle against the evil. Millions…billions of souls came upto me and went beyond but I never felt this bad before. I am broken and battered by the mere thought of the Prophet’s pain. Muslims have fallen asleep. They have blocked their ears to pain and suffering of their brothers. Humanity has lost. Hope is lost. I am sorry but I see nothing but darkness.
However, if there is one thing I have learned over the centuries is that when all seems dark there is always a ray of hope that tries to find its way through the rumble and finally overcome the darkness in its bright, pure light. I don’t know if there is one fighting to get out right now but hopefully sooner or later it will break through the haze of obscurity that envelopes the world. I think what I am trying to say is that maybe it’s about time you woke up. Maybe you ought to open your eyes and see how filthy you have become. Maybe it is finally time to be who you are meant to be — a true Muslim. A Muslim, who would sacrifice his own wishes to fulfill those of his Lord’s. A Muslim who would be the brother that his sisters need right now. A Muslim who would become the next Farooq by holding on strongly to his faith and make an example for others by sheer faith and strong character. So please wake up and find your true selves in order to save the Muslim Ummah.
You probably know who I am by now but if you’re still lost then just look up and for once you might actually see my true, ragged and tearful face.
NOTE: If you still didn’t get it then know that I am the Sky.