Our Heroes Men of Steel

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By Sadia Naumaan Qazi

..and if we don’t come back tell them we have sacrificed our today for their tomorrow…
Being daughter of a soldier means that the passion for patriotism runs with the blood in the veins. You are brought up with a sense of responsibility and the aim of protecting the motherland no matter what. During childhood, the sheer dedication and devotion for the country was beyond my apprehension. I could not understand how someone can love the country more than his children, more than his family and more than his life. The wait for the moment of glory and the moment of shahadat was un-fathomable and immeasurable for me. The motivational stickers that decorated the family car always made me wondering about the courageous soldiers who are ready to defend the borders of Pakistan at the cost of their own lives. These stickers and posters spoke of the very promises that these soldiers make when they join the Pakistan Armed Forces. The promises of defending the Pak Land from every threat, promises to up keep the national interests, promises not to hesitate in spilling their blood, promises of vigilance, professionalism and love of the country. And they have fulfilled these promises by writing their tales with blood.
It seems un-imaginable to consider how any one could not fear death and be willing to offer even his life for the sake of the country. But the legendary heroic stories of our gallant men reviving the same promises again and again enlighten us with the spirit of our soldiers. These men are driven by the extreme desire of shahadat.
Whether our borders threatened by the enemy or the danger from internal elements; our lions of Armed Forces write their stories of valour in mortal peril to stand against any menace and danger. They serve as a wall of protection, as a shield taking all the blows to themselves and keeping us safe. These men of Pakistan Armed Forces are writing their own stories of un-matched bravery and gallantry and are becoming legends. They are facing death in its eyes and embracing shahadat every day. Yet their moral and sheer dedication is un-shattered and un-crushed.
They remain awake during the nights; so that others can have a peaceful sleep. They toil and face hardships; so that others can have a better life. They leave their families and children behind; so that others can live with their families and watch their children grow. They face the atrocities of the chilly glaciers and the burning deserts; so that others can live in their homes peacefully. They fight with the internal and external enemies; so that others can stay safe. They face injuries and shed their blood; so that others are well protected. They die; so that others may live.
Pakistan Armed Forces are different. They are truly the men of steel. They do not hold for the prospect of livelihood, a facilitated lifestyle but they are driven by the mere passion for their country and the desire for being a martyr. The glory of being a martyr and embracing shahadat is the utmost aspiration for these lion hearted brave soldiers. Many sons of this land have coloured the soil with their blood. And such a force cannot be defeated who holds no fear for the death. At the challenging moments, these Heroes of the Nation are filled with fervour and ardour that they leave their self behind; and in front of them, is the objective to defend Pakistan at every cost, even at the cost of their lives.
They are not thinking about their newly wed brides, or the charming smile of their child, or the embrace of their parents. All they think is their promise to the Land.
This passion and dedication for the country and fearless valour and desire for shahadat of these men of steel can be understood when the heart is filled with the love of country. They wear their uniforms as a sign to show that they are ready to face and eliminate any threat. The daring courage of these soldiers fills my heart with pride that I am a daughter and a wife of a soldier from Pak Army. We, the families of these soldiers may not wear uniforms; but we hold the zeal and patriotism to safeguard Pakistan in our own capacity and to not hesitate in sacrificing for this country.
Salute to the Heroes of our Nation who defend our homeland on all fronts and who sacrifice their today for our tomorrow. Surely the Pakistan Armed Forces have shed their blood in the line of defence of Pakistan and this nation salutes our brave men.