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Where has that ‘humanity’ you talked about gone now? You called us uncivilized terrorists. You are the one whom our children are terrified of. You are the one who makes blood flow like rivers in our streets. Where has that ‘dignity’ you talked about gone now? Do you feel dignified as you aim your gun at a defenseless child? As you drop those missiles from the sky? Where is that ‘honor’ you talked about gone now? Is it honorable to kill so many unarmed people when they can’t even defend themselves? Where has that ‘strength’ you talked about gone now? Do strong people fight like cowards by staying in the sky and throwing bombs from there? You say you won’t stop this until each and every one of us is gone. Why should we go? Why should we leave? This is our land! It belongs to us. Its ground is soaked with our blood. Then who are you to stop us from praying in Masjid al Aqsa? Who are you to kill so many of us every day? How can you call yourself human beings? Do humans care so less about the sanctity of life? How can you be human when you make some poor child orphan every second? Is it only because we are helpless, defenseless Muslims? Or is it because you believe what our Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم told us about the black flags from Khurasan and you are scared of it? You are so ready to tear out the tongue which says Allah’s name. Shouldn’t your tongue also be torn out as you say the word ‘humanity?’
Another scream-filled night like the previous ones! Missiles were falling down like rain drops. Osama was looking out of the window of his home. He didn’t know what enjoyment and fun was. He only knew that maybe next moment he wouldn’t be there. Osama wasn’t scared though. Nearly all his life had been this way. He was very brave. That was what he had learnt to be while living in Palestine. “You are destroying our land…...” Osama whispered. He could hear his sister crying. “You are destroying our homes. You are destroying my brothers!” his eyes blurred with tears. “My friend in America asked me how do I sleep at night.” His tears started falling. He went to lie down on his bed. Slowly he started drifting off to sleep… not knowing whether he would wake up or not.
“And you call yourself human!” he thought.
Every night you kill more,
Your tyranny greater than before,
Screams get silenced every night,
And yet you are sayin’ that it is right!
“Osama we are migrating!” his father told him the next day. Osama just kept looking at him. Then he ran out of his home. He didn’t want to leave. Why should he? He ran to his friend’s house and pounded on the door. His friend’s brother opened the door. He was dressed as a soldier and was carrying a gun. He came to know that his friend and his brother were going to fight against Israel. After a while he went back home. He was also carrying a gun and dressed like a soldier. His father looked at him questioningly. “I won’t go. I will fight!” Osama said. His father looked at him with pride and then embraced him. “I will come back after taking your mother and sister to a safe place,” he said. Osama nodded and started to go with the group of people he would be fighting beside.
How can you make us leave our land?
When our blood soaks its sand?
And your tyranny has been rising to its height,
I won’t leave, I will stay and fight!
He felt his body being torn away by agonizing heat and bits of metal. Osama knew that his time had come. There had been a loud, deafening explosion where he was standing. He couldn’t even feel his body but he was smiling. As the darkness started to take over his surroundings he was at peace because he knew that his land would someday be free.
Because this is what our Lord has promised
Even if our houses are demolished,
Our sacrifice is for Allah’s sake,
So He won’t let it go to waste!
We will fight then until blood still runs in our veins! So what if you have weapons? We have faith. You might be stronger because of the technology but deep down inside you are cowards. You are scared because you know that your reign will end. The people who think that we deserve to die don’t know anything. They just know to shut the person up who rises up against them, in Guantanamo Bay. You can’t make us leave our land because you are the ones in it and you should leave. You might kill us but you won’t be able to stop those who will be carrying the black flag from Khurasan as they take claim over Masjid al Aqsa. But as we die every day we ask where our Muslim brothers are.
Where are our Muslim brothers? Are they sleeping peacefully in their homes as we die here? We exist! My dear Muslim brothers around the world! Don’t say, ‘Free Palestine’ if you are not doing anything about it. Just saying it won’t make everything alright. We need your support to fight against Israel. They might tear out the tongue that says ‘Allah’. They might cut down the hands that try to stop them, they might silence the voice that rises against them but they cannot stop what has been written. It is going to happen. No power in the world will be able to stop those mujahedeen from Khurasan. Caliphate will be restored one day, IN SHA ALLAH!