The Strengthening of Faith

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Sent by: Sherjeel Ali

Muslims worldwide were instructed to strengthen their faith. They have to consistently remember Allah, recite the holy Quran etc. so that they can avoid the vices of the daily life and consolidate their faith. Without the right creed (Aqidah), the acts of worship that are performed by any Muslim are not accepted by Allah the Almighty. The right creed plays an important role in the foundation of the religious duties.    
The Holy Quran and Sunnah teach that Rasoolullah’s صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم way of life should be taken as a model to be followed by all Muslims. Nothing but the right creed will keep a Muslim soul on the right track. Thus it has got a crucial role in strengthening the faith. It ensures that Muslims will not stray away from their trust in the Almighty.
By uttering their well-mannered words and practicing the honourable and distinctive behavior, Muslims are avoiding “Fitna” and dissemination. They are being restricted to the right path and the Oneness of Allah.
Muslims should not hesitate to seek knowledge and gain it from the holy Quran. They must understand its rich meanings. Each question has got an answer in Quran. Thus it offers a boost to their belief. Likewise, they should recite Quran as it gets them close to the Almighty.
In order to strengthen their faith Muslims should find company of righteous people, those who will welcome questions and do not scoff at beliefs and strengthen it. They should engage in consistent remembrance of Allah. Any Muslim can recite these remembrances and it only takes few seconds from him/her to do so:
•   Laa ilaaha illallaah (there is no god except Allah).
•   Laa hawla wa laa quwata illaa billaah (there is no force that benefits and no strength that causes loss except Allah).
•    Astaghfirullaah (I seek forgiveness from Allah).
•   Allaahumma salli 'alaa Muhammad (O' Allah, send peace upon Muhammad).
Moreover, Muslims should persist in performing the obligatory acts of worship and abstain from sins. Our belief is affected by our acts, thus we must not miss acts of worship (for example: abandon a prayer of the five daily prayer) for it will weaken our faith. Therefore, it is an obligation for Muslims to never relinquish the obligatory acts of worship if they want their faith to remain intact. We equally should perform supererogatory good deeds and invoke Aallah in our supplications to remain close to Him. Communicating with the Almighty strengthens our faith.
In addition to this, Hajj consolidates the faith. In the communal performance of its rites we decipher a sense of solidarity, sincerity and humility. It keeps Muslims united while looking for a single objective, the Almighty’s pleasure. During Hajj, all the Muslims are equal. People belonging to countless communities and countries are flocking to one centre. Hajj carries within itself an effusive effect to strengthen the faith which has absolutely no parallel in the world.