7th Sept. 1974… A Historic Day

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Sent by Abu Ahmed

A Historic Day. “Nail in the Coffin for Qadianis”

Mirza Qadiani was born in 1839 and died on the 26th of May 1908. He boasted that,
“It has been decreed , that those who are not followers of this movement will continue to decrease day by day. Those sects of Muslims who are not with this movement , will also decrease day by day either by joining this movement or become extinct like the Jews.” (Roohani Khazaain Vol 21, Pg 95).
When the British left India in 1947, they left the Qadianis politically very influential. Zafarullah Khan, a powerful and influential Qadiani was appointed as the foreign minister of Pakistan. He abused his political authority to the full by turning all Pakistani embassies into propagation centers for Qadianism internationally. There were many politically powerful figures and Army officers who were also Qadianis. They had a vision to see Pakistan become a Qadiani state, but the Ulema turned their dream into a nightmare.
In May 1974, some Muslim students were passing through Rabwah, a town set up in Pakistan by Qadianis, when their train was attacked by Qadiani youth at Rabwah Station. Muslim students suffered severe injuries. Nationwide protests, strikes, demonstrations followed this attack and the whole country became aware of the Qadiani issue.
The then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, decided to have a debate in the National Assembly on the issue of Qadianism. Mirza Nasir, who was leader of this cult and was also a grandson of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, was invited personally to come and argue the case for Qadianis in front of the National Assembly.
There were extensive discussions covering all aspects of Qadianism including Mirza Qadiani’s claims, his character, his insults, his teachings etc. The debate lasted 21 parliamentary days spanning over three months. Qadianis including the Lahori group took 13 out of those 21 days. Mirza Nasir, acting as the leader and the head of the Qadiani movement had argued and presented their case while from the Muslims, Mufti Mahmood and Molana Ghulam Ghaus Hazarvi were the main persons arguing the Islamic and anti-Qadiani viewpoint.
After extensive debates lasting 21 parliamentary days, the whole Pakistan National Assembly voted unanimously, declaring Qadianis to be kaafir and a non-Muslim minority.
The proceedings of the Assembly were kept as Top Secret by the Pakistani Government. The Qadianis used to boast that
“If these proceedings are made public, half of Pakistan will become Qadiani overnight. ”
The government and the officials of the time knew and thought otherwise. An official said that if the proceedings were made public not a single Qadiani would be left alive.
One man challenged the Pakistani Government in High Court last year to make the proceedings public. He won the case and as a result the government had to publish the proceedings. And they did in 21 volumes! Instead of half of Pakistan becoming Qadiani , on the contrary many Qadianis became Muslims on reading the deceptions and the lies presented by Mirza Nasir.
The entire parliamentary debate and proceedings can be seen on the website of   
Khatme Nubuwwat Academy, London –
The Qadiani hierarchy then fled Pakistan to come and settle in London, building their international headquarter in Morden in South London. Tomorrow on 7th Sept Pakistan is celebrating the famous historical ruling which declared all followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani to be “Kaafir”.
Followers of previous prophets were called all sorts of names but never were the followers of any real prophet of Allah declared as Kaafirs.