Assalamu Alaikum!

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By: Amtul Amna

I was in Grade VIII when I wrote an article describing my journey of Hajj to Makkah Mukarramah. With no expectations, I sent it to The Truth magazine and luckily enough, it got published. That was the time when some of the germs of writing penetrated into me but I was scared. I was too reluctant to send anything because I was afraid I couldn't reach their standards. Then in Grade Nine, our English teacher built up in me a contagious enthusiasm to express our feelings in black and white and that was the time when with the help of my great teacher I brushed up my teensy meensy skills so that they could be seen, Then with trembling hands, I sent yet another article of mine and *whooops and hollers* it got published too. Being on the ground, I felt like floating. I was simply ecstatic and to top it all, my teacher showed that page to my whole class proudly as I was one of the first students who had abided by what she had said. There was its result, flashing up at me from those shiny pages and brilliant background the Truth Team had given it!
Then my teacher pinned that page on the soft board for appreciation. After that I lost myself in writing for that lovely magazine that gave my words a say ...that gave me an assurance that I wasn’t just nothing. I usually wrote things that revolved around Islam, I wanted an Islamic magazine in which they could be published so I found The Truth, Alhamdulillah. Besides Allah and that teacher of mine, it was The Truth team that made me blossom as a writer. They were the ones who motivated me. I started adoring the magazine not just because it was publishing my articles but because it contained stuff that earned us ajr and always taught us something really good. It gives us a true picture of our emaan and rejuvenates it (tajdeed e emaan). I used to crave for Thursday (the day my hawker delivers it to us) and I do feel guilty for not writing often or I must say, for almost abandoning writing for it. I got so involved in my studies and things happening around me that I never got enough time to jot down my feelings and thoughts into words. That is how I lost contact with this mag. but honestly speaking, I really don't want it to end because I love it. I simply love reading the articles in it. It seems like family to me--- a long lost family! Though I haven't seen any of the writers yet I can understand their passion. I can feel them close to my heart and I'm really trying my best to buckle up to write something for The Truth regularly.