The Truth A part of my life

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Written By: Bint-e Khizer

“Ayeshaaa, wake up! You’re getting late for ‘Asr Salah,” I could hear my mum calling me from the kitchen. But laziness overtook me, and I decided to sleep for like another half hour. It was almost six in the evening when I woke up. I offered my namaz and then sat down with the recent Eid Issue in my hands to read. I was busy solving the questions on Hajj which were sent by Maria Ejaz, when I heard my cell ringing. I asked my sister to pick it up and tell whosoever it was to call me after a while. But surprisingly, my sister said that it was something very important and urgent!
“What? Are you serious, Maria?” With tears running down my eyes, a quite blurry vision, I dropped the call. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. How could a project of a decade shut down? How? Why? What will happen now? With a lot of questions popping in my mind I stood up and went to talk to my mum.
I remember when I was a kid my father used to bring it for me every week from Jamia-tur-Rasheed. My mum used to read out the stories to me every night. I remember how my parents used to tell me about the ajr behind spreading Allah’s Deen. How much blessed the writers were. I used to listen to them but never did I follow what they told me, i.e. to write for the magazine. This magazine always and always remained by my side, when the days were bad. I used to divert my attention by reading all those either funny or lesson- carrying stories.
Now, the magazine is like, a part of my life. To be very honest, it completes a week and if the hawker gets late in delivering the magazine I start nagging my mum to call him.
It was real hard to believe that the magazine would be no more. I took a lesson from it that if we wanted the magazine back, the only way was to start writing for it again. We students can at least take out some time from our so-called “Busy Schedules” by reducing our screen timings and can at least take out 30-45 minutes twice or once a week for the magazine.
It is a source of uplifting our Emaan and our ranks in Jannah. It’s Sadaqah-e- Jariyah. May Allah accept the contributions from the writers and I hope the magazine works well now. Aameen.