My Love for the Truth…

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Written by: Binte Syed Shamsuddin Rizvi   Jinnah University for Women, Pharm-D (Final year)

“Assalamu Alaikum my dear kids! Look what I’ve brought for you,” my uncle (mamo) called out, entering our room. All the kids excitedly rushed towards him. Mamo as usual had brought some interesting reading material, books and magazines for us. I quickly selected a magazine and started reading it.
I read ‘The Truth International’ printed on the cover. “The Power of Prayer” was written in the middle with the picture of a beautiful house, it was the cover story. I viewed all the pages since I was and I’m still fond of reading colorful stories with beautiful pictures that make the stories even more interesting.
Then finally I began to read the cover story which was “The Power of Prayer”. The story was about a young boy who was returning to his home after school from an unknown route like a shortcut, suddenly he felt somebody following him and as he moved forward the shadow of two  strangers followed him too. The boy got frightened when he saw a sharp knives in their hands.
The boy started reading Ayat-ul-kursi and when he saw his locality he relaxed. He entered his house and told the entire story to his mother. His mother told him not to take such shortcuts from school because the routes are strange for him and not safe too. Next day the boy read in the newspaper that two thieves were caught by the police from the same route and at the same time when he was returning to his home the day before. He thanked Allah Almighty because it was all due to the miracle of Ayat-ul-kursi and the du’a which he had offered to Allah سبحانہ وتعالی.
I loved the story and I then I went on to read other stories from the issue. After reading all the stories I asked Mamo, “From where did you buy these magazines?” There were more Truth issues in his hand bag. He told me that there was a book fair in Expo Centre and he had bought a number of books and magazines from there. So the truth is that the Truth magazine was introduced to me by my Mamo and he told me that it was being printed under the guidance of Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani دامت برکاتہم.
Time passed, days, months and years passed. I again became busy in my studies, when one day after  eight years, I was going through my bookshelf when I found the Truth issues which Mamo had brought for us a few years ago. (I was in my 3rd year of Pharm-D)
I’m really fond of writing. I still remember the time when I used to write poems in my school-going age in a small diary. I used to participate in inter-school essay writing and speech competitions.
This was the time when I was all alone sitting with the Truth issues in my hand. I decided to write and send my first article which was “Parents. Precious gift of Allah Almighty”.
When I opened the Truth’s website after a week I saw my article uploaded on the cover and this was the moment that made me very happy and I showed it to my mother. At that time I was missing my baba the most (May Allah raise his ranks in Jannah) because he was the one who used to encourage me a lot with beautiful praises and words of motivation.
That night I saw a dream that baba came back home and we were all very happy to see him back from hospital, healthy and alive and my mother gave the Truth issue to baba saying, “MashaAllah your daughter has written the cover story on Parents” and baba was very happy to see my name and the article that I had written.
When I woke up I decided to write as much as I could for the sake of Islam and as a sadqah-e-jariah.
The Truth magazine is really doing a great job by providing material related to Islam for youngsters who are nowadays so busy with their education that they are not paying attention to other important areas where we all need to improve for succeeding in Aakhirah. Truth magazine really covers all such areas that are a part of our daily lives and also essential part of Deen-e-Islam.
May Allah Almighty make us steadfast in practice to what we read and learn from this beautiful magazine. I would also say in the end that I really love the articles that are written by Hafsa Kamal, Cool Breeze, Hajra Aslam Motiwala (now Hajra Salman), Shaheera Fatima, Binte Khizr, Truth Revealer, T.S, Sumayyah Aisha Ghazi, Zainab Siddiqui and many others, it’s a never ending list and I can’t mention all here.
We all get busy in our lives due to our busy schedule, studies, house hold activities, some personal issues as well. I know it becomes hard to take out a few minutes for other activities, it’s sometimes difficult to take out time for one’s own self even but all of us should spare a little time to write something and send it to our dearest magazine, not with the intention of getting it on the cover or to see our names there but for the sake of Islam and our Aakhirah.  
I would like to apologize too for getting disconnected since around three months because of my poor health and of course the busy routine but Insha’Allah I will try my best to remain connected via writing.
May Allah Almighty accept the efforts of this magazine and its writers and the entire Truth team and make this a source of forgiveness for all and a key to Jannah. (Insha’Allah & ameen).