Success is the Sum of Small Efforts

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Written by: Binte Naeem

I read many magazines but I never wrote a story for any magazine. Since reading the last four issues of THE TRUTH, I’ve been forced into picking up my pen to request the editor not to stop the publication of this magazine. I feel that I will miss something very important in my life if it is stopped.
I was promoted to Grade IV when I left school. I had started Hifzul Qura’an which was the utmost desire of my parents. Alhamdulillah, I completed my Hifz in two and a half years but during this time I was totally out of touch with my schooling. After completion of Hifz when I went back to school, learning English became a very ardous job.
One day I went to my neighbour’s house with my mama. Aunt’s daughter was my play fellow. I think it was the luckiest day of my life. My friend and I decided to play ‘Teacher, teacher’ game. Amna became the teacher and I was the student. She gave me a magazine and asked me to read each line by putting her finger on it just like a teacher. I just couldn’t read them without any mistakes. Then she told me that it was the weekly magazine, THE TRUTH which I could get from the newsboy. She further she told me that if I read it thoroughly it would enhance my reading skills as well as my vocabulary. I was very excited and I was in hurry to tell my parents. While coming back home I told mama about THE TRUTH. My mother encouraged me and said okay we will ask the newsboy to bring it.
I started reading it from the next week. That was the time when reading even five or six lines with translation took me one to two hours because I used the dictionary for those words I didn’t know the meanings of. But with the passage of time my English began to improve and it is now quite good.
In the latest issue the editor has mentioned that The Truth will continue to be published and I want to say thanks to “The Truth” team, for changing their decision. I want to say thank you to the writers too who give their special time to this magazine and support it.  
Jazakillah everyone!