Why is The Truth Important To Me?

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By: Faryal Gul  Aga Khan Higher Secondary School

News recently spread about that The Truth was being discontinued. It broke not only mine, but so many hearts. Are we really so busy that we don’t have time to write once in a month for the magazine that we have cherished for so many years? For the magazine that has given us and is still giving us so much knowledge of deen? This is the platform where we have met the type of people that we had never met in our real lives, at least I did. I know, it is real tough to take some time out of our busy schedules, but again, where there is a will, there is a way. All we need is to specify some time for our very dear magazine.
I know this is going to be little boring, but I really want to analyze the position The Truth holds in my list of priorities by writing on this topic. If you ask me why The Truth is important to me, I won’t say it is same as asking why oxygen is important for me. My survival does not depend on The Truth, but achieving the purpose of my survival somehow really depends on it. I remember the first time I read The Truth in our school library. I even remember the first story I read! It was a story about a girl who goes to a party and then her pictures get uploaded on facebook and she suffers. That very first story ended up giving me a life lesson. Yes, it did. The Truth is important to me because it teaches me what sometimes my parents and teachers forget to teach or they fail to put the lesson in the right words or maybe I don’t get it. The Truth introduces me to aspects of Deen I have never even thought about. For example, Atiqa Mohsin’s recent publication ‘Give and Take’ left me thinking that how things would have been so different today if I had listened to my parents in all those times like she does.
The Truth is not just important to me, but it is more a part of my everyday life now! There won’t be a day when you won’t see a few issues of The Truth along with my books in my college bag. I don’t get much time to read at home so I keep reading books and magazines, especially The Truth, during free/sports period in the college or in the van. Every day when I read The Truth in the van on the way to college, it gives me some lesson. We know that Islam is not just a religion, it is a complete way of life. Now, motivation can be given by any writer and any magazine, but The Truth provides the RIGHT motivation by righteous people, Alhamdulillah. So The Truth is something really, really important for me.
I don’t know about others, but I promise to be with you as long as Allah wills, dear Truth. May Allah help this magazine in spreading the deen of Allah in years and years to come. Aameen.
Editor’s Note: Jazakillah Faryal. It’s writer’s like you who have persuaded us not to stop the publication of The Truth. We shall try to live up to all our readers’ expectations and continue its publication for years and years to come, with the help of Allah سبحانہ وتعالی, In sha ‘Allah.