Tree Philosophy

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By: Weeping Prince

Everything that has been created by Allah Almighty is giving us a message, knowledge and some incredible realities. Water bodies, animals, plants, mountains, soil … the list is unending. All these things are teachers for human beings. Philosophy is a diverse frame of reference of observing and analyzing nature. I have decided to write my philosophical views here. This is just an introduction.
A tree has the following characteristics which has got me thinking:


i. Static:
A tree is stationary and serves human beings in its own place. It does not mind serving humans like that. It does not go to people to serve them but remains static and waits for them to come to it and fulfill their needs. A single tree would have had go to a single man at one time to benefit him while others would have been left high and dry. So, if it were not stationary it would be injustice to help one person only and leave many.


ii. No discrimination:
Trees are stationary but help human beings without discrimination. You will never observe a tree giving a more calm shadow to a rich person or a more honeyed fruit. It will not serve only humans but will serve birds and animals too by the same token.


iii. Silent service:
Trees give life to Earth by giving out oxygen and trees are the only species which are converting or making food. Thus life simply depends upon trees or things which don’t even move. But the point is they never ask for payment or reward. They never come to tell us that they are helping us. They just serve and do not care about payment or praise.


iv. Do bad have good:
It is a very common saying, “Do good have good.” But I feel it has changed to, “Do good have bad” for many people or most people to be exact. To do good after having well is very rare in the world now-a-days. But the trees are doing a great job. You hurt a tree with a stone, it will not only forgive you but it will provide you with fruit. I don’t know how many people like trees are present in this world, maybe one in a billion.


v. No vanity after success:
In the human (or the businessmen) world, people are respected only after they have gotten a respectful place in society and “respectful place” means money in pocket and bank. The person, who is just being respected due to his money, gets chock-full with vanity. But the case is different for trees. When trees are laden with fruit, it’s time to fill themselves with vanity but they don’t. Actually, the branch of a tree bearing more fruit bends down more, showing extinction of vanity.


vi. Positive output:
In the normal world, output is in accordance with the input. But for trees, the case is opposite. Plants, after getting muddy water, tasteless air and nutrients from dirty soil, produce 100% fresh, sweet and healthy fruit. What a legend a tree is!
•  If everyone attempted to be like a tree, this world would be like an Eden on Earth. All over the place there would be love and colours.