My Journey to The Truth

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By: Truth Revealer

The Truth has been a part of my family ever since its first issue got published. Honestly speaking, The Truth hardly held any appeal to me when I was young because then I was an avid reader (still am) of Ishtiaq Ahmed novels, Bachon ka Islam (BKI) and Khawateen ka Islam (KHI). I read English books but couldn’t get myself to fall in love with The Truth. I would just skim an issue now and then but nothing too frequent nor was I ever excited on Thursdays to get the mag as I would be on Sundays for BKI. However, I do remember reading Maryam binte Imran with interest as well as Amina Khursheed and Sara Pirzada and many more but over a period of some years. My oldest sister also loves to read so she had gotten all The Truth issues bound so little by little I started reading the mag more carefully.
When I was 13, I moved to an English based school which means no Urdu at all because no one spoke Urdu except those of my home country and India. I began to enhance and hone my English skills until I got a hang of writing. Writing had always been a passion with me ever since I could read and write. Strong words, weaving quotes within essays and all the other analytical stuff we studied made me delve deeper within to bring out the best. Grammar, however, was one of my weakest point that I had yet to master. Many thanks and Jaza'a to my lovely teacher, Teacher Maryam Abdullah who managed this great feat of helping me understand where to put commas according to rules and not just whenever I felt like putting them. (Although that used to be so much fun but O well, all good things must come to an end). Once I began analyzing and identifying the language skills etc I started taking more interest in reading and analyzing how other people wrote.
Time went by until my first story got published in one of the issues of volume 9. It was a cover story. I was thrilled beyond words. Especially by the encouraging words of the co-ed. She said, "We'd love to count you among our priceless writers." I still remember how I flew down the stairs showing my mum the response I had received. I was just a flickering, dying spark when encouragement helped me morph into a burning flame. After that The Truth and I became good friends. As more of my stories got published, my bond with The Truth became stronger and stronger so much so that I started waiting for The Truth more eagerly than BKI and frankly, that says a lot. The Truth had been my first step towards writing. The platform upon which I started my baby steps. The Truth is and always will be my first choice Inshallah. Over the course of time I have learned to cherish it and relish its entire being. After hearing that the Truth maybe shutting down, my heart leapt. Tears started gushing down my cheeks and that was when I realized what The Truth really meant to me. How much importance it held in my life. My message to all the readers and writers is that love it while you still can. The Truth is like our 10 year old child that needs nourishment. It is our duty to feed it stories with morale, articles with spice and jokes with humour. It needs encouragement like any other child would. For it to grow and prosper it needs its readers to appreciate it and criticize it in order to flourish. For it to grow and prosper it needs its writers to put their entire effort in helping it bloom into an extraordinary flower that it is.   
 My sincere prayer to Allah سبحانہ وتعالی is that He keeps the beacon of The Truth burning for an eternity with Aafiyah…Ameen.