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Written by:  T. S.

THE TRUTH is as important to me as… as I am to The Truth.
I recall those times when I missed you. Yes, missed you indeed. The tale begins with the fact that our newsagent somehow stopped delivering us The Truth for nearly a whole year. So I kept missing all those issues of yours week by week. The Truth and I--- our relation is like that of bread and butter, curry and salt, fries and ketchup, load shedding and flashlight, and Pakistan and Pakistanis (Better scratch that last one. I'm not so sure about that).
Anyway, it was such an emotional moment when it was announced that you were to end. (Blows nose!) The first thing I did was neither contact the editor nor inform the others. Like many other people here. Can any of you guess what I did after listening to this news? Yea, after listening to the news, the first thing I did was carry those audio signals to the brain for analysis and apprehension.
Those sweet memories of you, my dear Truth. All those past moments we spent together. When I read you. And you were read by me. When I enjoyed you. And you were enjoyed by me. When I held you in my hands. And you were held by me. When I turned your glossy pages. And your glossy pages were turned by me. O God! Those moments. So lovely! So emotional! (Wait! Lemme fetch my hanky.)
Dear Truth, you gave me an identity. You are my identity card. How can I ever forget you? Through you I was introduced to that one girl, who took my five hundred rupees and never returned to date (it's been two years, five months and three weeks already). Truth, how can you think of leaving me? Think for yourself. Does a creditor leave his debtor that easily? Just the same… Stick around.
Even if the world goes round
(By the way it does).
In the end, a message for my dear Truth:
Dear Truth,
East or West
Leave the rest
You have to get going
And keep those seeds sowing
Of love and respect
Among the Muslim sects
To bind them together in a string
So we may see the Ummah’s Spring
Lots of love and prayers for you…
Long Live, My dear Bezzy!