I'm Fellow Muslim from Karachi

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Written by: Fellow Muslim

Allow me to introduce myself. As mentioned so vividly in the title, I go by the name of Fellow Muslim. Hence, we will stick with that.
I was deliberating for quite a number of days about writing a narrative account on myself and my affiliation with this beautiful magazine, just to get acquainted with my readers i.e. It is kind of an unnerving challenge for an anonymous writer to introduce themselves to the readers. It’s quite laughable too, in fact.
I live in Karachi. Why have I specified where I am from, one may ask? (Or maybe no one cares or wonders but I might as well put it out there anyway). It’s just that I love my home. It is also to clarify that I am not Bint Ramzan, Student of Light, Cool Breeze or Truth Revealer. I am simply… a plain Fellow Muslim… who lives in Karachi.
I have this bad habit of writing like an utter bore. How do people like T.S. and Hajra Aslam Motiwala… oops, I forget, Hajra SALMAN OMER, manage to write in such a light manner? Masha’Allah.
To be very frank, I love the Truth. I love reading it again and again. I eagerly wait for its arrival every week. If it delays for a day or two, I nag my mother to talk to the hawker till he brings it. As a result, it rarely comes late since the poor man knows what might happen and frequent calls can get quite irritating. (P.S: This was written months back. Unfortunately, I have fallen victim to what is called ‘no-Truth-receiving syndrome’ where my hawker has officially stopped bringing the Truth magazine. I simply go on every week on pictures of the magazine, given to me by a fellow avid reader.)
I have a list of writers with me who I wanted to congratulate for fitting themselves in as part of the Truth family, and understandably so, they stick with the magazine as a member even if they no longer write for it (most people can’t, or possibly aren’t motivated enough to do so, hence I won’t push them to write and write. Take your time fellas, as long as you come out with something good up your sleeves like Cool Breeze did after a year. :D Masha’Allah.)
I’m lost. I don’t even know if this is an account about me or my affiliation with the Truth or…
A little bit of all, shall we say?
Moving on, I am a mere Fellow Muslim. I think that fact was established a few paragraphs ago. I am neither young nor old. I am neither tall nor short. I am neither thin… oh well, very fat, going to admit that.
I am what you call, a typical bookworm. Let’s not mix that up with a nerd. I wouldn’t touch a history text, not now, not ever… oh ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, maybe in the future but not immediately, I would say. I hate studying. I used to hate school too. I was the anti-social sort who preferred seclusion in libraries than mixing with the crowd at a bake sale. (Yes, it happened, and I’d still rather go to a library than a party or wedding.)[This is bit of an irony for those who know me very well… and my profession lol.]
It’s not easy for me to make friends. Or, retain them.
This is where the Truth comes in the picture.
The first time I held the magazine, I couldn’t imagine it forming such a big part in my life. It is like a part of my social ladder has been held against this wall and I only see myself going up, Alhamdulillah.
The first article I ever wrote under this name, ‘A Test of Love,’ was a diary. It was written with tears, at night, when everyone in the house was asleep. What compelled me to send it to the Truth is startling and I question myself to this day but I don’t regret it. Whenever I feel down, all I have to do is read that article to find solace and answers I had in myself already.
The second contribution, ‘Live on Purpose,’ was a true story. It is my own story in fact, with a little alteration made in the scene. I was sitting in the back and had recorded the whole interview so I thought about sharing that reflection with my readers. Informing you, and myself, of how unaware we are of the little blessings Allah has bestowed on us, and how easily we can take it for granted. I don’t know much about you, sorry, but I know myself.
The third contribution was another page taken from my diary, ‘Shots Fired.’  And, I wouldn’t go deep into that since it scares me till this very day.
The fourth is my favorite. It rekindles memories and takes me back to that grave and meaningful day in ‘A Splintered Mind.’
The fifth, I believe, is ‘Not Just Another Pakistani.’ I will be very honest with you, that was written after I heard of a suicidal case. A teenager fell into deep depression at the loss of the Pakistani match and did the unfortunate deed. I just had to remind people, and myself, what we should truly stand by our religion.
Anyway, I have been out for quite a while. Sob. But I hope to be welcomed with arms wide open by my fellow writers. How? LETTERS, PEOPLE, LETTERS. Write me letters! Talk to me! Or, about me, at least. Haha jokes aside, I miss that communication-phase people employed through this ‘letter to the ed’ medium. Where is that now?
I still like the turn the Truth has taken to. It is more serious now, with comparatively mature content. I just miss T.S. sometimes. Dude, where you at?
On another note, I will congratulate a new writer- Aashie Hassan, on her piece on exams. That was brilliant.
And on an entirely different note, I will try my best to join that category of writers. Pray for me ‘peeps’. With love, FELLOW MUSLIM.