Resolutions Made Easy

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By: Abdullah

Quite often we set resolutions, write goals, and move forward with determination to make the our life better. Then, two or three weeks into January, we inevitably find ourselves back in our old patterns and routines, our resolutions and goals a distant memory.

Sound familiar? That's because of the way we have been taught to make resolutions and set goals is innately flawed. Most of us will admit, if we're honest with ourselves, that our goals and resolutions are pretty similar each and every year. We want to lose the same ten pounds, exercise more, want to enroll ourselves in any new course, improve our relationship. You know the drill. You may throw in a few other well chosen traits, like being more patient and loving or making your ibadah a regular habit, but by in large the things we want remain constant. We write them down, feeling good about ourselves that this year will be different, then we pretty much put the process out of our minds.

You must have an intention and allow that intention to move you through life. Make it lofty. It should excite and motivate you. Don't worry about the goal right now. Focus only on your intention. Allow your goals to flow naturally from your intention. The next step is keeping your intention constantly in front of you. Visualize it several times each day. Really feel it. See yourself accomplishing the dream. Become emotionally invested. See it, feel it, own it, and it will happen. If your intentions are good, Allah will assist you and the doors will open. Your job is to be prepared when the opportunity presents itself. Will that make it easier to get out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face?

Use these four easy steps to make your intention strong:

Step 1: Set your intention. Make it lofty.

Step 2: Allow your goals to flow naturally from this intention. What are you willing to do to make your intention become a reality?

Step 3: Visualize your intention as if it is already happening. Really feel it.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 daily. Do not allow yourself to fall back into old patterns.

Above all, remember to remain positive and be grateful to Allah subhanahu-wa-ta’ala for what you already have in life. It is possible to live your dreams. Never again do you need to write goals and work to achieve them. Simply set an intention that makes your heart sing and allow it to happen.