The Truth for Me

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By: Suneela Iqbal   Class: 10th

The Truth is what I've held really close to my heart for the past 6 years. I started reading it in 2011. My aunt (cousin’s mother) told my mother about it. Also, she saw it's advertisement in 'Bachon ka Islam. 'I read all the stories. It was so good and as I was so fond of reading, I found it very interesting. I read it then my brothers also read it. I saw some writers who were so regular. I still remember those starting stories like ‘Tears of The Heart’, ‘Pebbles and Jewels’, ‘Austerity of Parents’, ‘A Free Bird’, ‘A Little Virtue’ etc. Since then, many new writers joined and many old left. I still miss and remember them.
“Friends are forever. You might lose them but you'll never forget them."
So yeah, I've still got many Truth friends and I just pray that may Allah give them the strength to write for it more and more and overcome all their difficulties.
The Truth, I love to write for it but sometimes work doesn't allow me to but I try my best. For four years I just read it, I was a regular reader but then I decided to write for it. I never thought of writing for it but then I did. Maybe Allah chose me for this work. My very first story, 'Time for Prayers' got published in January, 2015. I was so happy and excited. I clearly remember it was a bright, winter morning. I was waiting for my school van when the hawker came. I opened the magazine and saw my story in there!! It was a cover story!! I couldn't control my joy. I showed it to my parents and my brothers. They were also happy. I took it to school and showed it to my friends and class mates as well. They were also happy and admired me for my achievement. Yup, it was a great achievement for me.
I felt the bond between The Truth people. Everyone is like a family here, can ask anything, can write about almost anything (except politics and un-Islamic things) and can give opinions.
This magazine is a weekly magazine and I was thinking what if it becomes a monthly mag? I can't wait the whole week for it, how will I wait for the whole month? We receive 48 mags a year and if it becomes monthly, we'll only get 12 issues! It’s been a month since I haven't received the new issue. I think that if I really want this magazine to continue as a weekly, then I better start writing regularly. That's the only way!
Well, I'm not the best writer of The Truth yet. I make a lot of mistakes and many writers are better than me. Nineteen of my stories and one poem have been published until now but still it’s something to be proud of. Thank you editorial team for publishing my stories and making them worth it. I'll try my best to be better and better and write for this beautiful magazine as much as I can. I want to be devoted for it. That will show my affection for it and people will get benefit too. I want to be a regular writer and help the team in every possible way. I don't want my link with this mag to break ever. I pray and I hope that The Truth never shuts down and obtains success rapidly. May this precious magazine remain a part of my life forever.
Jazakillah Truth Team for everything!