Martyrs of the Motherland (Pak-Army)

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Sent by: Saleem Khan

SSG Capt M. Iqbal Khan Shaheed's Last will:
Hilal-e-Jurat, Siachen, September 1987
The opening sentences of Iqbal’s Will were:
Let the green pack and the light neck jersey go back to the company stores and the bills for ‘langar’, mess, washerman and cobbler be paid.
Then he thoughtfully wrote the following eight wishes:
I owe sixteen days of fasting.
On 24 May, I took a loan of Rs. 900, my class number was 174. Details about the loan may be checked up from Peshawar University Administration Office. This loan must be paid back.
Zakat must be paid on the amount in my D S O P fund.
My grave should not be cemented and should not be raised more than the Shariah permits. No flowers, sehras, dupatas should be laid on the grave. These are sheer rituals and there is no injunction about them in the Quran or Hadith. Prayer is the most useful commodity.
No Chelum or death anniversary should be arranged, nor should rice pots be cooked and people invited and alms be given on these ceremonies, the estimated expenditure should be diverted towards paving a street, constructing a drain, or be given as donation to a mosque or as charity to the deprived. Shun ostentation for it is a curse not a blessing.
If after my death, the Government gives some amount, then out of this Rs. 40,000 should be distributed among the poor as an atonement of the prayers I didn’t offer and the fasts I didn’t keep. The balance, if any, should be given to my parents.
My relatives and friends should be advised to refrain from doing anything un-Islamic. If they want to cook a ‘deg’ on Friday or do something of the sort they should be stopped. No one should bewail and- bemoan my death; they will give me no satisfaction. If my well wishers want to do me good after my death, they should recite ‘Darood-Shareef’ as often as possible and offer its blessing for my soul.
Having duly written his will, he called his orderly Kibraya Mamun Anjum and trusted his diary to his care.
He fought gallantly at the highest battle field in the world… Siachen, and embraced Shahadah. He was posthumously awarded Hilal-e-Jurat, the second highest military award of Pakistan.