Change My Heart

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Written By: Hopeful Naseem

"As long as I am alive,
May my faith remain right,
May I ever keep the faith,
End of prophethood symbol of faith.
(Jism main jab tak jaan rahay,
Mera yay eeman rahay,
Sada rahay yay mujko yaad,
Khatam-i-Nabuwwat zindabad).”
Hearing this beautiful naat sung by my little daughter Rumaisa who was only four years old, I was surprised. I was very happy. My joy knew no bounds. She was repeatedly reciting this naat. I felt A strange peace of mind hearing this naat from her mouth. Though we did not teach her this naat neither did we make her memorize this naat, she learnt and remembered it by herself. My son recorded this poem from ‘Bachon ka Islam’ and it used to be played on our mobile in our home and my daughter usually listened to
it. In this way, she remembered this beautiful naat. I started thinking, "How does an environment affect children's training and the morals of a child?"  Just a few years ago, we had no Islamic environment. There were two television sets in our house. Everybody would always argue over which channel to watch, which to change. Everyone in my house had the same mantra, "Music is peace for the heart. Music is food for the soul."  We used to listen to a lot of songs but even then our hearts were restless. Then one day my uncle gave us Sunday Islam newspaper which contained Bachon ka Islam too. We read it and it fascinated me, no, it fascinated all of us. It captured our hearts and refused to let them go. It contained many good stories, Islamic history, sahabas stories and an episode-wise novel as well. Its name was 'Bachon ka Islam' but it was, in fact, for people of all ages. After that my uncle gave us 'Khawateen ka Islam'. And after that an Urdu Magzine, ‘Zok Shok'. And then after that, another… ‘The Truth’.
Alas! What can I tell you about these magazines? The stories moved our hearts, the little pieces of advice (the hadith, etc) inspired us to do better--- to live a life that was better both for us in this world and in the hereafter. These magazines completely captured our hearts and mind. We finally felt peace.
We threw the TV sets out of our house. The needless arguments ceased and my daughter’s voice, singing this beautiful naat, filled the house. No more Indian songs being played on full volume, no more unrest, no more quarrels, fights ad bickering. We had managed to change the environment to an Islamic one, to a peaceful one. Islamic books lined the shelves and Islamic teachings, naats and hamds echoed in the minds of my children. We have good naats in our mobile memory cards. Now my children recite naats and hamds instead of singing songs.
Today my daughter recited a hamd that made the whole family weep:
"Change my heart. Change my careless heart. Change my heart" (mera dil badal day. Mera ghaflat mein dooba dil badal day. Mera dil badal day). 
Hearing this hamd, I hugged her. She asked me sorrowfully, "Mother, do you know who used to recite this hamd?" "You tell me."  She said, "Mama, uncle Junaid Jamshed used to recite this hamd." Then wiping my tears and said, "Mama, don't cry. He has been martyred. Bhai told me that martyrs do not die.” She again started reciting the hamd and all of us joined in.