The Door That Never Closes (Last Part)

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Written by: Sumayyah Aisha Ghazi Usman Public SchoolLooks like it wasn’t accepted? Ah, wait man!

Looks like it wasn’t accepted? Ah, wait man!
There are times when we see that Allah didn’t give us what we asked for. For instance, I asked Allah that I get admission in so and so school and I prayed real hard, I cried and prayed but He didn’t listen. Wait dear, wait. Our minds are so small, we can only think in a very limited box and can never even think of what Allah is planning for us. At times, we ask Allah for things that appear good for us, but in reality they’re not in our favour in any way. This is the time to believe that Allah loves us so much that He can’t see us having something evil and that He’ll bless us with something far more better than what we are asking for. I never know what’s good for me and what’s not but the One who created me, knows. And indeed, Allah knows everything. He knows stuff none of his creation can ever even think of. He looks far beyond our imagination, chooses what’s best for us, snatches what’s unfit for us and grants what’s the best.
“…….Surely Allah knows everything well.” (Al-Ankabut: 62)
I ask for a house in some outwardly respectable area and I truly pray with all my heart and soul. I cry. I beseech. I don’t get that house, something becomes an obstacle and I’m like ‘God, I prayed so much. Where did all my prayers go? I believed in you, Allah.’ So yeah, I’m actually really wrong. I didn’t know if it was good for my life ahead. The fact is that I sincerely prayed, yes I did. And he listened. He responded. But I didn’t see it. He can see what I can’t. He will never want me to have something that’s inappropriate for me. He’ll give me something far more superior in place of what I asked from him, He’ll give me what He loves for me, the best for me. All dua’as are accepted, some in the same way as we want, some in a way we didn’t ask for and some look like they weren’t accepted but in reality they were, they keep increasing our rewards to help us into Jannah.
And Allah says, “…And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out {of every difficulty}.” (65:2)
So cheer up, something of real goodness is awaiting you. Keep praying.
Got what you wanted? The test starts now!
Here comes the juncture where I guess most of us slip. It has happened many times that a calamity befalls, we turn to Allah for help. When we’re in utter helplessness and can find absolutely no one who can assist us, we invoke our Lord. We weep in front of him, we promise Allah that we’ll leave the obvious sins we do, we beg him for His mercy, we call to Him when we need Him the most and then He responds. Our sick get well, our childless couple gets children, our daughters get married. The burglars leave you safe. Allah gives us health. He gives us wealth, he solves our glitches, protects us from all harms and then, then what? We forget Him. When the time comes to pay back to Allah’s mercy by obeying Him, we forget Him. We get satisfaction and we walk away as if nothing had happened, indulging once again in the storm of this worldly life, completely forgetting Him.
“When man is afflicted by a hardship, he prays to Us (at all times), when reclining or sitting or standing. But when we remove his hardship, he just takes his way as though he had never prayed to Us in any hardship that afflicted him. This is how their deeds appear beautified to the transgressors.”
(surah Yunus, Verse 12)
So yeah, dear friends, this won’t be fair, right? Turning to Him when we need Him and then just closing our eyes to what He has to say to us, ignoring what He has instructed us to do. Once he removes our troubles, we again forget to pray, forget to keep in mind His commandments, we don’t listen to what He said and just move on. How biased that is, isn’t it? Hence, we’re supposed to REMEMBER Allah and in fact remember Him more than before as a gesture of thankfulness that He removed our problem or blessed us with something.
Remembering Him… How do I do that?
Allah, the most High says, “Remember me and I’ll remember you.”
SubhanAllah! How lucky we’d be if Allah remembered us. Just take a moment, sit back. Imagine that when Allah, the Creator of heavens and the earth, the King of all times will remember us, won’t we be the luckiest, happiest people on earth? Won’t we be the ones whose hearts are peaceful despite the violent world around them? Now we come to the question; how do I remember Allah? There’s one aspect of remembering our Lord which is the daily five prayers, the Quran, attending Islamic gatherings, Islamic lectures and making lots and lots ofDua’as. These are certainly things that if we do them regularly and with the whole of our concentration, putting in our best efforts and with the intention of pleasing the Almighty, If Allah wills, He’ll make us among the ones whom He remembers. But wait pal, there’s a lot more.
Here comes the challenging part
Okay, so till now we managed our fasts, our daily prayers, our recitation of the Quran, our Umrahs and Hajj but now comes a much heavier task; living with piety i.e. shunning sins and escaping evil thoughts. A full stop to everything that my Creator doesn’t like. He told me to cover up, now I don’t care what people say about it. No matter how ‘up-to-date’ I want to look, I have to tell people, tell fashion that I love Allah more. He told me to obey the Prophet PBUH, now I have to die for each and every Sunnah no matter how ‘old-fashioned’ I am titled. I need to walk with my head up high. He told me to lower my gaze and so I have to, no matter how much I want to watch the new movie that has just been released, no matter how strong the urge is to look at some non-mehram passing by.
My mom and Dad’s spiritual mentor, Hazrat Molana Hakeem Akhtar Sahib had a couplet about the safeguarding of our sight:
Na daikhain gay na daikhain gay, Unhe hergiz na daikhayn gay
Keh jinko dekhnay se Rabb mera naraaz hota hae
I won’t look, I won’t look, I’ll never look at them
Looking at whom makes my Lord angry
Our shaytaan and Nafs (the carnal self which prompts us to sin) are always with us. Wherever we go, whatever we do these two will be there trying their best to persuade us to do things that lead to the hellfire. We easily manage our worships and Ibada’ah but it does get very difficult to leave sins. It’s not like the shaytaan can force us to commit a sin, we’ve got the ability to stop him and do what we know is right. “He inspired the soul with its evil and its piety.” Al-Quran
It’s undoubtedly a hard task but we have to do it if we want Jannah, if we want prosperity of both the worlds and piety is the only way.
There’s a new song, a new movie released, a friend requests from a person of opposite gender on Facebook, a great bank job which isn’t permissible, there are a hundred things that you’d love to do, you want to do, but you don’t just because Allah doesn’t want you to do them. Just promise yourself you won’t do even a single little teeny-tiny thing that’d displease your Creator. How bad of us it is if we displease Him even after all what He has blessed us with. Allah سبحانہ و تعالی really loves when we ask him for His pleasure and Jannah. He loves it and this is what attracts His mercy on us. So yeah, we need to pray that Allah protects us from all sins, from the evil of shaytaan and above all show Allah the urge of the attainment of His pleasure; you’ll be grabbing his love that way, it’s a secret. Do try it.
The Angels are sinless, not pious
The angels are beings who don’t have the urge, the desire to do wrong. A pious person is one who has the urge to sin but despite that he abstains and endures grief for Allah’s sake, for his pleasure. So don’t worry or feel abandoned when you see you’ve got a storm of evil desires gushing inside you. We just need to remember that we’re being tested, and this is the test that we have got the desire to sin but we don’t and this is what piety really is. The more difficulty we face in repressing our desires to sin, the more forceful Allah’s river of mercy will be. Protecting ourselves from evil glances, from music, from everything Allah has forbidden us from will bless us with the sweetness of Imaan. Leaving a sin and becoming Allah’s beloved and feeling the sweetness of Imaan in our hearts… a great deal, isn’t it?
Ask Allah for Allah!
My dear friends, supplicate to Allah that He grants us His love, that He comes in our hearts, our blackened hearts covered with evil. Let’s ask Him to clean our hearts, rebuild them, and to fill them with His immense love. Loving the Creator will make giving up sins a lot easier, InshaAllah! “Ya Allah! You gave me ears to listen to your Book, and I misused them listening to music, you gave me eyes to look at the pure, to look at your House and I used them to look at na-mehram, to watch movies. I’ve made my heart dirty, Ya Allah, I’ve made it very filthy. But I ask you to clean it, to wipe off all dirt to make it pure so that you can reside there.”  Supplicate to make our internal-self much better than our external appearance. Even the Prophet taught us the dua: “O Allah! I ask you for your love.” (Tirmidhi)
Hadhrat Haaji Imdadullah used to cry to Allah saying:
Some ask you for something, and some for something else,
O Allah! I beg of you to grant me Yourself!
O Allah! Grant us the ability to obey You. Grant us Your perfect love so that we don’t displease you even in the blink of an eye and if we do, grant us the ability to turn to you in repentance for we have nowhere to go except for your door. Beloved dear readers, don’t forget that His Doors never close. Keep praying. Harder every next time.