When Did Night Come That Everything Has Gone Dark (Part 2)

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Written by: Hajra Aslam Motiwala


I'd like to share with you a small piece of news which appeared in a
newspaper on 12th November, 2012.
"The American pilot made an emergency landing to get a passenger arrested who was praying namaz."

Details: Fighter planes gathered around the plane, security officials arrested the Muslim passenger while he was in state of salaat (Arab TV). The airline was UNITED AIRLINES. The Muslim passenger was very scared and frightened. (Alarabia.net)

I had thought, in fact, we all had thought that Americans were NOT narrow-minded; they were the ones who had coined this slogan of 'freedom of expression'. I guess you and I were wrong. They ARE narrow-minded and there is no freedom for Muslims. This tiny bit of important news
proves it.
On the other hand, in following them, we have become overly broad-minded. Diwali (a festival of Hindus) was celebrated in Karachi as if the city was owned and governed by Hindus. Our governors wished all of us as well as our Hindu 'brothers' a Happy Diwali. We do all this, while
the non-Muslims don't let us perform even our obligatory prayers! When it was Halloween last month (I'm sure all of us know what Halloween is and how it's celebrated thanks to our broad-minded parents and schools), malls were decorated and people attended Halloween parties.
That's not all, wait till Christmas comes … after all, we're broad-minded!

Ah, why wouldn't the non-Muslims laugh at us? They don't let us pray, and here we are, celebrating their 'occasions' of our own free will, acting like non-Muslims, like we want to become one of them. (May Allah Ta'ala guide us).

The passenger who was arrested was scared and frightened. If he was a weak believer, he might have thought, or even said out loud, "Don't arrest me, I won't pray again." (Astagfirullah). Most certainly, many Muslims don't pray in a plane nowadays, and perhaps even those who
used to pray during a flight will hesitate to do so now.

Oh, when will we realize that in this whole wide world of darkness, the only beacon of light is Islam? It is Islam we have to practice firmly in and with a strong belief. When will we realize that we can make the whole world honour and respect us only and only by practicing upon our deen rigorously, to the letter? Dear readers, let us sit down today and dissect each and every action, belief of ours and see whether we are really fulfilling the orders of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala)?