When Did Night Come That Everything Has Gone Dark (Part 3)

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Written by: Hajra Aslam Motiwala

As much as I stop people from passing remarks on Pakistan and its incompetent rulers I myself am today, with regret, telling you that Pakistan has been ranked as the 6th worst country in the world. A survey was conducted by Economist Intelligence to find out the best and the worst countries in view of suitability in living. The first ten countries adequate and safe for living life (according to the survey) were:

1. Switzerland

2. Australia

3. Norway

4. Sweden

5. Denmark

6. Singapore

7. New Zealand

8. Holland

9. Canada and

10. Hong Kong.

In the list of best countries for living a good normal life, the first 21 countries are non-Muslim; 22nd is Kuwait. And in the list of worst countries … out of the first ten, six are Muslim countries.

Pakistan is the second country in the world to be most affected by terrorism and terrorists (don't forget that terrorism came into being after 9/11 and after America started killing Muslims in the name of terrorism). Due to its fight against terrorism, Pakistan is ranking higher and higher, year by year, in the list of dishonest/vicious countries. It climbed 9 steps up in the listing in 5 years (says a report by Transparency International).

Islam teaches us to spread peace, be hospitable, respectful and forgiving towards Muslims as well as non-Muslims. Thus Muslim countries should have had a reputation of being the most peaceful, and the Muslims of being the most honest and trust worthy people in the world. It is now in fact the opposite. One can refuse to believe the Economist Intelligence and accuse it of providing an unbelievable report but do we really find it unbelievable?

Think. Haven't your parents thought about, (even if the idea was rejected) shifting abroad? Over 17million Pakistanis have gone abroad illegally in search of employment. (Using our skills and knowledge for the benefit of other countries and not of our own … high pay or low pay, whatever, is another debate.) Since 2009, more than half of those who travelled abroad ended up shifting there. Then think of the number who went abroad legally. We are evacuating Pakistan … for whom? Why? So that the Non-Muslims can destroy our country further? Furthermore 3.4 million migrated from Pakistan without legal documents. What are we doing? Why are we leaving our own country in crisis? Pakistan is not asking you to do much for it. Just live in it, don't leave it alone. Follow the teachings of Islam. Nothing more or less.

How can we make our country a better place?

Spread love.

Be peaceful

Follow the Quran

Act upon the Sunnah

Be respectful and courteous towards elders

Love your country and aim to serve it

Stop your friends and teens whom you see are busy in discrediting our country. Don't follow the trends set by non-Muslims.

There is still hope. While you and I continue reading magazines like The Truth, while you and I stand together united, while you and I are 'we', Pakistan can emerge as an exemplary country. Let us teens vow to contribute towards the goodness of our country. Make it so that one day our country ranks first in being the most peaceful and good country not only in this world but in the eyes of Allah as well. What constitutes a good country is what each of us individuals do. How we treat people, how we talk and react. Our every move, good or bad, jointly contributes towards the reputation of our country.

Half of us wish to study or live abroad. Do we want to stand with them on the Day of Qiyamah too? What happened to patriotism? Our Pakistan is our homeland; no matter how peaceful and progressive are the other countries. They can't take our homeland's place. Let everyone know how MUCH you love your country, through mouth, pen and most importantly through your actions. Actions are what invite others to embrace Islam … like our Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم. He did not spread deen through the sword but through kindness, love and good deeds. Be good and all will be good.