Allowed-Oh really?

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Written by: Sumayyah Aisha Ghazi, Karachi


Let's peek into the very personal diaries of some teenagers on some special days!


A page from the diary of a Christian teenager on Eid-ul-Fitr.

20th August 2012

Dear Diary,

Today was the most blissful day of my whole life! It was Eid-ul-Fitr and I and my family celebrated this Muslim event with so much joy. We went to all of our relatives and exchanged gifts and sweets. My father and I went to the mosque to offer Eid prayers and while returning we bought some perfumes for our relatives. I enjoyed a lot and especially at the dining table! Mom had made a variety of delicious and mouth-watering food. I would say again that it was an unforgettable day of my life.



A page from the diary of a Hindu at the beginning of the holy month, Ramadan.

21st July 2012

Dear Diary,

My mouth was dry as leather and I was starving yet a matchless happiness was present in my heart. Of course it was, as it was my first fast in Ramadan. My mom had prepared so much Suhoor (the meal taken in the morning before fasting) that I was full. The whole day passed so nice and cool because all of us were reading Quran and offering prayers. It's very nice to have a holy month; I think every religion should keep a month like this. I loved fasting today and have planned to keep all fasts throughout the whole month of Ramadan.

Now let's give a thought to these diaries. Do they seem to be true? Can this ever be true? Your mind will definitely say, 'NO'. These things can never be possible because these people are non-Muslims and do not celebrate these things. So how come the diaries of some Muslim teenagers given below are so true?  Let us take a look at some of them.



A page from the diary of a Muslim teenager on Valentine's Day.

14th February 2012

Dear Diary,

Today was a warm and sunny day and I was in a very good mood too. Guess why? It was Valentine's Day! I had brought gifts and heart key chains for my friends. As I entered the school, the whole assembly area was filled with students and the teachers were trying to make them stand in rows. As soon as the assembly was over everybody headed for their respected classrooms and my friend, Maria, and I also entered our class with broad smiles on our faces. During break time all of our classmates gifted different things to each other for it was Valentine's Day. Maria brought some heart chocolates for us and she gave me two of them!  In short, today was the happiest day of my life.



A page from the diary of a Muslim teenager on Grandparent's Day.

9th September 2012

Dear Diary,

Today, the weather was not very nice but still it was an enjoyable day. It was Grandparent's Day and I visited my paternal and maternal grandparents. I usually don't have time for them as they are such boring people! Always reading something or talking on extremely lame topics. But I think we should give them some time, at least once in a year, so I bought some clothes for them. For my granddad I bought an expensive perfume which would make him feel that I love him. They felt very good when my cousins and I visited them. I think there should be days for all relatives so that we do not have to meet them again and again.

How has this become possible? Aren't we supposed to lament that we are not able to stop our young generation from celebrating these prohibited occasions? We are supposed to tell them that enjoying them is not allowed in our religion. We always remember Father's Day, Mother's Day, Grandparent's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's Day and what not! But how many of us remember JUDGMENT DAY? It is the most important thing in a Muslim's life and yet we forget that only. Pity on us! Shame on us! What kind of people are we? Are we sincere to our deen, Islam? We should be proud of being Muslims and show others that we are proud of being Muslims too for Allah has blessed us with Hidayah and we do not celebrate such unislamic events. Ya Allah, bless us with the ability to fight against the strategies of our enemies and enable us to spread the light of our deen, Islam. (Aameen)