The True Mujahid

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Written by Hareem Tariq

"Hey Ira ! What are you wearing for the farewell?" asked Khadija with enthusiasm. Ira didn't reply but pulled a long face.

  "I haven't  decided yet," she said finally. The girls in the college, who were participating in the dance, were having rehearsals. Ira really wanted to attend the party as it was her last year but for Allah's sake she decided not to go.

Ira went to her Vice Principal but even she did not listen to her. No one was with her.

 Finally the day arrived for which the girls were excited. Ira had also made plans to go but not to the so-called 'farewell' but to a far better place … the madrasah where the hadith class was to be held. But before going there she prayed to Allah سبحانہ وتعالیٰ that may she learn such a good lesson there that she would not feel sorry for not attending the farewell.

In the class she learned that a true mujahid is one who makes his nafs bow down to the commands of Allah. On hearing this she became very happy and content that may be she was one of the true mujahids.

  "Ira , why didn't you come to the party?" asked Sara her classmate. "You know what?"

 "What?" Ira asked.

"You really missed the dance of the girl who imitated the dance of Michael Jackson. Everyone was so impressed by her! They posed for snaps  with her, just like me," Sara  bragged.

But not only Sara , in fact all of her classmates embarrassed her saying, "Islam is not so strict that it forbids you to enjoy yourself."

 "Yes, you are right. Islam is not strict and does not forbid us to enjoy our life … but within limits."

Ira had to listen to a lot of criticism just for not attending the farewell party. Some of her classmates even called her 'insane' and 'mad'.

Yes , even I call her mad, but mad for Allah's love, for that is all that she needs.

Yet, after coming back home, Ira started feeling discontented. She knew that she had taken the right step yet the collective sneers and remarks of her friends had made her doubt herself. Her mother, seeing her so restless, made her sit down and then calmly told her that she did not need  anyone's support if Allah's support was with her and surely Allah is with those who remain patient. By deciding not to attend the party where all kinds of sins were being committed, she had fought with her nafs and Shaitaan and won! She was a true mujahid, no doubt. And what could be better than that?